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    An employee warning letter, also referred to as a warning email to an employee, is a formal written communication issued by an employer to an employee to address a specific issue or behavior that is not in line with company policies, expectations, or standards of conduct. This letter serves as a formal notice to the employee that their actions or behavior have been noted and are cause for concern.

    By issuing an employee warning letter, employers aim to address issues promptly and transparently, providing employees with an opportunity to rectify their behavior and comply with company policies and expectations. It also serves to document the employer’s efforts to address the issue, which may be important in the event of future disciplinary actions or legal proceedings.  

    HR professionals primarily use warning letters to address misconduct or performance issues. They typically follow a brief in-person discussion involving key stakeholders, including the employees and their reporting managers. 


    What is an Employee Warning Letter

    Employee warning letters are used to confirm and address issues with employees regarding conduct or performance. The HR professionals issue them after a meeting with the concerned individual and their reporting manager. 

    They serve the following key purposes: 

    • To formally notify the employees of their performance or conduct issues. 
    • To provide employees with a fair opportunity to improve their performance and conduct. 


    How to write an Employee Warning Letter

    An employee warning letter should adhere to the following set of rules and guidelines: 

    • State the reason: 

    Clearly state the reason for the warning letter, such as unsatisfactory performance, disciplinary issues, or any other misconduct. Quote the rules violated from the organization’s code of conduct policy. 

    Example: You are receiving this written warning due to your constant late arrivals, which violates our attendance policy. The policy states, “Employees must report to their office workstations at their scheduled time. Three penalties for late arrivals are allowed, but exceeding this will result in disciplinary actions.” 

    • State the facts: 

    Describe the instances of misconduct, including dates, witnesses, and the impact on daily operations. 

    Example:This written warning is issued as you failed to follow the department’s guidelines on answering client calls on two occasions last month on (dates). Additionally, you took unexcused leaves on (dates), impacting customer satisfaction due to insufficient staffing and below-standard client services.” 

    • Describe the previous corrective actions: 

    Mention the previous one-on-one discussion or corrective actions already taken, such as verbal warning, training, counselling sessions, etc., that are relevant to the current situation. 

    Example:On (date) we had a one-on-one discussion with your manager where you received a verbal warning for your conduct.” 

    • Describe the consequences: 

    Clearly state the consequences if the behavior continues, including possible disciplinary actions or termination. 

    Example:Further instances of such behavior will result in serious disciplinary actions potentially leading to termination of employment in extreme cases.” 

    • Include signature line: 

    Include a signature line for employees to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. Also, it should be mentioned that this does not imply their agreement with the letter’s contents, and they can have a fair and open discussion. 

    Employee Warning Email Format

    Subject: Warning Notice – [Employee’s Name] 

    Dear [Employee’s Name], 

    This letter serves as a formal warning regarding [specific behavior or performance issue], which has been observed and documented by the management team. It is essential to address this matter promptly to ensure the smooth functioning of our organization and maintain a professional work environment. 

    Background: [Provide a brief overview of the circumstances leading to the warning, including any previous discussions or incidents related to the issue.] 

    Concern: [Clearly state the behavior or performance issue that is of concern, including specific examples or incidents if applicable.] 

    Impact: [Explain how the behavior or performance issue is impacting the employee’s work, team, or the organization.] 

    Expectations: [Clearly outline the expectations for improvement, including any specific actions or changes required from the employee.] 

    Consequences: [Explain the potential consequences of continued non-compliance with company policies or failure to meet performance expectations, which may include further disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.] 

    Support/Resources: [Offer support, resources, or training opportunities that may assist the employee in addressing the issue and improving their performance.] 

    Next Steps: [Specify any follow-up actions or timelines for improvement and indicate that failure to meet expectations may result in further disciplinary action.] 

    Acknowledgement: [Request that the employee acknowledge receipt of the warning letter by signing and returning a copy or confirming receipt via email.] 

    Closing: Thank you for your attention to this matter. We believe in your ability to make the necessary improvements and contribute positively to our team. Please reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification. 


    [Your Name] 

    [Your Title]  

    [Company Name] 


    10 Employee Warning Letter Email Templates


    These 10 employee warning letter email templates are designed to streamline the daily processes of HR professionals. 


    1. Employee Warning Letter for Attendance Issues

    This warning notice addresses the frequent lateness or absenteeism of employees. The below email template can be used for daily uses: 

    Subject: Attendance Warning – (Employee Name)

    Dear (Employee Name),

    This email is a formal warning notice given your recent attendance record. You have been consistently late (mention the dates or the frequency in a week). We have also observed your uninformed absence on the following dates (Mention the exact dates) in the past (Mention the time frame).

    This behavior of yours seriously disrupts your team’s workflow and impacts their morale. It also violates the (Mention the sections violated of the company’s policies) sections of our company’s policies.

    We hope you will avoid such instances in the future and send and notify your supervisor in advance in case of an emergency.

    Please remember that continued attendance misconduct can lead to severe consequences, such as termination in the future.

    We hope you adhere to our policies. Please schedule a meeting with me to discuss any concerns of yours and strategies to avoid such instances in the future.

    Looking forward to our meeting!


    (Your Name)

    (Your Designation) 


    2. Employee Warning Letter for Performance Concerns

    This warning notice is sent to employees to discuss how their substandard performance impacts their work quality or team productivity. The below email template serves as an example: 

    Subject: Performance Warning – (Employee Name)

    Dear (Employee Name),

    We are issuing this email as a formal warning regarding your substandard performance in (Mention the project, or specific area of concern). 

    As mentioned by your team lead and fellow teammates we have observed a decline in your work quality in the following instances: (Mention the specific instances like errors in the project, delayed execution, lack of adequate skills hampering the team’s work quality, etc.)

    This performance falls short of our expectations. It also impacts the team’s productivity and efficiency.

    To avoid future instances, we suggest the following steps: (Mention the corrective actions like training courses, shadowing senior members, quality control checklists, etc.)

    Failure to demonstrate the expected results within (Mention the specific timeframe) might lead to severe consequences, including termination.

    We are confident that you will turn the tide in your favor. Please schedule a one-hour meeting with me at the earliest to discuss your improvement plan.

    We are committed to supporting your continued development!


    (Your Name)

    (Your Designation)

    3. Employee Warning Letters for Behavioral Problems

    This warning notice addresses the employee’s behavioral problems, specifically dealing with unprofessional conduct or conflicts. 

    Subject: Warning regarding Unprofessional Conduct – (Employee Name)

    Dear (Employee Name),

    This warning mail is to address your recent behavior (mention the specific behavior) with (mention the specific colleague) on (mention the date of incident). This behavior is a clear violation of our (mention the policy).

    Your behavior has created a (mention the impact like workflow disruption, hostile environment, decline in morale, etc.) and we take such matters seriously and a repeated offense will lead to severe consequences like termination in the future.

    As this is a first instance, we encourage you to take the following precautions (like participating in conflict resolution training, consulting the office counselor, etc.) and use our company resources to resolve conflicts peacefully. 

    Please understand the severity of this issue and schedule a meeting with me at your earliest convenience to discuss a further course of action.


    (Your Name)

    (Your Designation)


    4. Employee Warning Letters for Policy Violations

    This warning letters are to notify employees of the company policy or procedure breach caused by them. 

    Subject:  Warning regarding Policy Violation – (Employee’s Name) 

    Dear (Employee’s Name), 

    This email is a formal warning regarding your recent violation of our (mention the specific policy) on (mention the date of the incident) 

    This behavior of yours is a direct breach of (mention the specific sections in the policy) sections and may result in more strict actions in the future. 

    Our company policies are designed to maintain a safe, secure, and productive work environment for all the employees. Your recent activity has led to (mention the consequences, like compromised security, potential safety hazard, etc.). We expect you to familiarize yourself with the company policies and procedures and (mention the course of action, like a quiz or a formal meeting with authorities). 

    If you have doubts about this, contact me or anyone from the HR department. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    5. Employee Warning Letters regarding Safety Incidents

    This letter serves as a warning notice for employees who disregarded protocols and caused a potential safety concern. 

    Subject: Warning regarding Safety Violation – (Employee Name) 

    Dear (Employee Name), 

    This email is a formal warning regarding your recent safety violation (mention the date of the incident). You engaged in (mention the specific activity of the employee) leading to a breach of (mention the specific safety policy). 

    As you know, Safety is one of our core ideals, and we prioritize all protocols. Your recent action might have resulted in serious consequences like injuries or death in the extreme cases.  

    Considering your recent activity, you are requested to: 

    • Complete the mandatory safety training and pass the quiz with a minimum of (mention the percentage) percentage. 
    • Strictly adhere to all the safety protocols to avoid any such incidents in the future. 

    Please take this as a serious warning, and any violation will result in termination.  

    If you have any doubts about this issue, contact me or someone from the HR department. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    6. Employee Warning Letter regarding Attitude Issues

    This is a warning notice on employee’s poor attitude concerning instances like negativity, insubordination, and lack of cooperation. 

    Subject: Warning regarding poor attitude – (Employee Name) 

    Dear (Employee Name), 

    This email is a formal warning regarding your recent unprofessional attitude during (mention the specific instance) on (mention the date of the incident) 

    We have also observed a pattern of misbehavior in the past, specifically during (mention other instances). As you know we strive to maintain a positive and collaborative workplace environment, and this behavior is leading to (mention the impact of the behavior, like toxic work culture, decreased morale, etc.). 

    Any such incidents will lead to more strict actions in the future. If you are facing any personal problems that are resulting in this behavior, we encourage you to utilize our counseling support to avoid such instances. 

    Please understand that severity of your actions and avoid them soon. You can approach me to clarify all your doubts regarding this matter. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    7. Employee Warning Letter regarding Communication Issues

    This warning email addresses any communication issues that hamper teamwork or productivity. 

    Subject: Addressing Communication Concerns – (Employee Name) 

    Dear (Employee Name), 

    This email addresses your recent miscommunication during (mention the incident or examples of instances) on (mention the date or previous time frame). 

    Effective communication is one of the pillars of successful teamwork and your limited ability has resulted in (mention the impact of delays in completion, output errors, client complaints, etc.). 

    We value strong and transparent communication channels and encourage you to (mention the essential steps to improve communication skills, like improving listening skills, effectively using technology, etc.) to improve your communication skills, team collaboration, and productivity.  

    We are confident that you will soon excel in this parameter. Please schedule a meeting with me to further discuss your improvement plan. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    8. Employee Warning Letter regarding Ethical Misconduct

    The main purpose of this warning notice is to address dishonesty, theft, or other ethical misconduct. 

    Subject: Serious Warning regarding Ethical Misconduct 

    Dear (Employee Name), 

    This email is to address a serious violation of our Ethical Code of Conduct policy, resulting from your recent (mention the activity) on (mention the date). 

    Ethical conduct is one of the pillars of our organization’s success, and your recent activity has significantly eroded it and might lead to serious financial and legal consequences. 

    We are investigating the seriousness of this misconduct, and if found, it may result in termination of your employment. 

    We take ethical misconduct very seriously and request that you actively cooperate in the investigation. 

    Please do not disclose the details of this issue to anyone other than your manager and the HR department.  

    The HR department will contact you to discuss this matter further. In the meantime, understand the severity of the issue and take this warning to heart. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    9. Employee Warning Letter regarding Customer Service Concerns

    This email is sent to address the customer or client complaints resulting from the poor performance of the employees. 

    Subject: Warning on Customer Interaction – (Employee Name) 

    Dear (Employee Name), 

    This is a warning email regarding your recent interactions with one of our key customers, (mention the account holder’s name) on (mention the date of the incident). 

    As for (Organization’s Name), customer satisfaction is one of our core principles, and your recent interaction has impacted on our market reputation. It also falls short of our expectations mentioned in the (mention the performance standard policy) 

    We have witnessed similar interactions in the past (mention the past examples) which resulted in (mention the outcome, like low CSAT score, or NPS etc.) 

    We understand that some customer interactions can be challenging, however, maintaining a professional demeanor is necessary. So, we suggest you improve your customer service skills by following these steps: (mention the steps like reviewing customer services policies, shadowing a senior colleague, retaking few of the training modules, etc.) 

    Please note that any further instances in the future might result in termination. To avoid it, please schedule a meeting with me to discuss your performance improvement plan. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    10. Employee Warning Letter regarding Repeated Offenses

    Subject: Final Warning – (Employee Name) 

    Dear (Employee Name), 

    This email is a final warning regarding your repeated violation of (mention the specific company policy), as you have already received previous warnings on (mention the specific dates). 

    Despite repeated warnings, you have failed to comply with the policies, resulting in a serious breach of trust, along with (mention the impacts like financial loss, safety hazard, etc.). 

    At (Organization’s Name), we take such matters seriously and this is your final warning. Another policy violation will result in immediate termination of your employment. 

    Please take this final warning seriously and schedule a meeting with me at the earliest to discuss your next course of action. 


    (Your Name) 

    (Your Designation) 


    Well, these templates reduce HR’s manual headaches, giving them ample time to design training courses or other methods to avoid these instances while boosting employee morale and engagement levels. 


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