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Employee Demotion Email Template 

Nothing beats seeing employees succeed, yet setbacks and slips in performance sometimes do happen. The last stop before termination is a demotion. The involuntary demotion of an employee is addressed in a demotion email, which is often in reference to a previous meeting in which the person was informed of their demotion and the reasons behind it.

And to ensure that this information is clearly communicated formally by the company here is the rightly structured template ready for use:

Subject: [New Role] at [Company Name]

Dear [Employee Name],

This email is with regards to confirm that you are being demoted from [Current Job Position] to the position of [New Job Title] and will be reporting to [Name of the Manager].

This adjustment is being made in compliance with corporate policies as a result of [cause for demotion].

Note that your benefits have changed as indicated below:

  • [The List of Revised Benefits]

Regarding your demotion, I am forwarding a folder of documents for your review. I strongly advise you to read this in order to fully comprehend your rights and responsibilities. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.



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