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    A birthday greeting is a wonderful way to show your employees how much you appreciate and value them. Employee birthdays are often overlooked, yet it only takes a small gesture to make someone feel special and acknowledged.

    What is a birthday greeting mail? 

    A birthday greeting is an amazing way to show how much you value your employees on their special day. Birthday greeting emails convey the good wishes and appreciation of the company towards the employees.  

    How to make it unique for each employee?  

    Think of the favorite memories you have shared with the employee and add in these emotions and memories in the birthday greeting to make it look more personalized. Consider mentioning what they mean to you and what they have done for you. 

    Format of birthday mail 

    Birthday Wish Email Sample I

    Subject: Happy Birthday [Employee Name] 🥧

    Dear [Employee Name],

    We value your special day just as much as we value you. On your birthday, we send you our warmest and most heartfelt wishes.

    We are thrilled to be able to share this great day with you, and glad to have you as a valuable member of the team. We appreciate everything you’ve done to help us flourish and grow.

    Our entire corporate family at [Company Name] wishes you a very happy birthday and wishes you the best on your special day!


    [Company Name]

    Birthday Wish Email Sample II

    Subject: Happy birthday, [employee name]! 

    Greeting: Dear [employee name],  

    Body: Your special days are just as special to us, and we are overjoyed to celebrate your birthday! On your birthday, we send you our most heartfelt wishes. An amazing person deserves all the happiness and health – and we expect nothing less for you. We are glad to have you as a valuable member of our team and look forward to celebrating your other special days as well. 

    Hope your day is as wonderful as you are! 

    Ending: Best wishes, [Sender’s name] 

    10 examples of birthday wish  

    “You are supportive on tough days, cheerful and light-hearted on bad days, and an amazing one every day! Your attitude lifts us up and we are really grateful to have you on our team. We want to make sure you know how appreciated and loved you are, [Employee name]. Wishing you a very happy birthday and lots of love.”

    You are one of the great reasons to work here, [Employee name]. You are optimistic, supportive, and helpful and we really admire you for it. We may not say it enough, but we always notice how hard you work every day. Just like you, we want to go the extra mile to make you feel special! We hope this day unlocks new memories to share next year. Happy Birthday!”

    “On this happy occasion, it’s a pleasure to celebrate it together with you. On behalf of our [Department name] or [Company name], we wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope this celebration gives you new moments and we wish you a fantastic year ahead!”

     “Happy birthday, [Employee name]! Like you, your special day is also a celebration for us. We are sending you our warmest and most heart-felt wishes. We are looking forward to celebrating your many special days in the future! “

     “We are grateful to have you with [Company name/Department name], [Employee name]. Take a day off and celebrate, you definitely deserve it! You have always done an amazing job of supporting and welcoming everyone. We wish you nothing but good health for years to come. Wishing you a very happy birthday from [Department/Company name].”

     “Throughout your time in [Company name] you have been iconic and demonstrated exceptional character and that is what we really admire about you. Today is the perfect day to remind you how admirable you are. I wish you a blessed happy birthday! May all your wishes come true.

     “We hope you are surrounded by all the support and love you deserve, [Employee name]. May your day be fabulous and unforgettable. Let us share new moments and a few laughs. We wish you a Happy birthday!”

     “We are lucky to work together with a fantastic person like you, [Employee name]. To someone who makes our days brighter with their presence, Happy Birthday! We wish you happiness for the year ahead.

     “Enjoy your special day with lots of gifts and memories, [Employee name]! We send you our warmest wishes on this special day. We wish a happy birthday to you, who goes above and beyond.

     “You are the most fun person to have around in the [Department name], [Employee name], and we really mean it! The whole team wishes you the happiest birthday and an amazing year. Thank you for everything you have put throughout the year, [Employee name]. We are lucky to have you.

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