Digital Marketing Professional Job Description Template

Table of Contents

    Job Brief

    As a Digital Marketing Professional at [Company Name], you will play a pivotal role in shaping our brand’s digital footprint. Your primary focus will be on leveraging various digital marketing channels to boost our online presence and drive engagement. Harness your expertise in the latest digital marketing skills to implement cutting-edge strategies that elevate our brand to new heights. 

    To excel in this role, you should possess a solid foundation in traditional and digital marketing, with a focus on enhancing brand awareness and driving impactful results. A successful candidate will demonstrate proficiency in the latest digital marketing skills and be adept at navigating diverse digital marketing channels. 

    About the Role

    Are you a dynamic and results-driven professional seeking a challenging role in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing? Look no further! Our [Company Name] is on the lookout for a skilled Digital Marketing Professional to join our team and spearhead our online presence. 

    You will also have a say in the marketing, therefore we expect an analytical and sharp mind.

    Overall, here are the things you’ll be looking after:

    • Website Tracking
    • Email Marketing
    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing

    Roles and Responsibilities

    1. Create and strategize the communication strategy for B2C and B2B – visual and content- across all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – to target and attract clients.
    2. Use strategic management tools, analyze and optimize website traction and visitors. 
    3. Have knowledge and skills in relation to SEO and on-page optimization
    4. Assist growth and content with strategies that are in the market which we can implement
    5. Handle all email marketing channels and communications, ensuring a constant stream to our email list
    6. Lead the marketing department for influencer marketing campaigns – from scratch till finish.

    Required skills:

    • 2-3 years of experience within digital marketing (B2B and/or B2C)
    • Knowledge of working with Yahoo, Google, and Bing search engines
    • Knowledge of all ad managers, and their functionality
    • Excellent written and verbal communication
    • Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines
    • Ability to engage social media audience
    • Proven track record of delivering qualified leads via owned and earned channels 
    • A data-driven mindset with an ability to adjust in real-time to drive performance and optimization goals
    • A keen learner who will collaborate on all deliverables with the team


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