Wow Jobs’ Path to HR Excellence: Harnessing Keka’s Power

Wow Jobs, a dynamic player in the job placement industry, embarked on a journey of transforming their HR operations with the integration of Keka, an innovative HR software solution. Over the span of two years, Wow Jobs witnessed significant improvements in their HR processes, thanks to Keka's user-friendly interface and responsive customer service.

Vipul Prakash

Managing Director

We chose Keka due to their excellent responsiveness and the significance we place on customer service. It's implemented across all functions in our organization. Personally, I find the KPI tracking feature most valuable. It allows seamless monitoring and updates of KPIs. Moreover, our team appreciates timely reimbursement and salary details accessibility.

The big impact

  • Increased accuracy in tracking working hours, resulting in a 95% reduction in attendance errors. 
  • Improved employee satisfaction with timely reimbursements, leading to an increase in employee retention by 10%.  
  • Streamlined performance appraisal process reduced review cycle duration by 50%. 


Staffing & Recruiting


London, UK



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

Initiated by Vipul , the Managing Director

Time taken for decision

35 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

We are currently focused on enhancing team performance, promoting cultural enrichment, and nurturing the capacity for we

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