Wingify secures big wins with a fast-evolving HR tech platform

Headquartered in Delhi, Wingify is an Indian software company that builds globally admired technology products. Their third-party payroll software costed a fortune but crashed. Next, came a PMS, and that too didn't work. Lack of data accuracy and automation was causing Wingify trouble, and they needed a robust HRMS to get them out of it. Besides other features, data security was of the key factors that encouraged them to acquire Keka's services. To this day, they are often surprised with the speed at which Keka identifies and solves challenges


HR Manager

Many promises are delivered and yet some promises are made- this is how is our relationship with Keka. They helped us structure our leave policies with a flexible workflow. Keka is still growing, and they surely listen to the client’s requests in this journey. Thus, we eagerly wait for Keka updates, to see an implementation of our request, however, sometimes we even get solutions to those problems, which we haven’t even recognized as a problem.

The big impact

From addressing security concerns, creating policies to the automation of HR processes, Keka’s awesome work showed in the form of results.  

  • No data loss with accurate and actionable insights.  
  • Multiple attendance tracking options made it easier to track attendance.  
  • Hassle-free tax declarations eased off the burden of the finance team.  
  • The availability of the Org chart provided easy visibility of the organizational hierarchies and team structures. 




Delhi NCR, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

HR Manager

Time taken for decision

45 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Increase the productivity of the organisation

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