Keka Fuels Wildnet’s HR Transformation and Boosts Efficiency

Wildnet Technologies, a prominent IT company, provides remote staffing solutions to global digital marketing agencies. They found the ideal solution in Keka's HRMS, thanks to its intuitive interface and engaging features. With extensive support resources, employees swiftly adapted to the platform, minimizing resistance and ensuring a smooth transition. After five years of using Keka, Wildnet has witnessed remarkable improvements in HR processes, including enhanced employee engagement, streamlined operations, and improved decision-making.

Prateek Singh

Head- People Strategy and Operations

Once people become accustomed to a system, they naturally become more accountable to it. It's like reverse psychology in action—spark their interest in something, and accountability will naturally follow suit. That's exactly how Keka assisted in this scenario.

The big impact

  • Streamlined and automated the entire hiring and onboarding process  
  • Eliminated manual processes from payroll to minimize errors and ensure accuracy  
  • Provided OKR integration and analytics for valuable insights on attendance, leave and team performance. 
  • Keka’s pulse surveys improved satisfaction and engagement, while the Social Wall boosted morale through peer-to-peer appreciation.


IT Services and Consulting


Delhi NCR, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

Initiated by the Head of HR Ops

Time taken for decision

40 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

We are focusing more on team performance, cultural upliftment and enabling strategic decision-making.

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