Ratna Global said bye-bye to mundane tasks

Ratna Global is an IT consulting firm providing technical support and end-to-end solutions to accelerate the growth of businesses. Being a start-up, priority was given to payroll, whereas policy management got left behind. It led to many challenges as maintaining excel sheets and manual tasks were quite time-consuming. Ratna Global wanted a one-stop solution to manage all the HR functions efficiently, and the search led them to Keka.

Nirbhay Kumar Sinha

Business Director

We are happy and comfortable with the features Keka offers. It is easy to use and has saved a tremendous amount of our time wasted on manual tasks. The support team has always been good and helped us sort our queries. Sometimes they ask for some time to resolve the issue and positively come back informing us that it's fixed. Keka is doing good as a growing company and we expect to see more features to be coming.

The big impact

After adopting Keka, Ratna Global saw the following results:  

  • The manual task of filling PF/ESI statutory forms got automated. Monthly ECR is now available with a click. 
  • The custom payroll structure generation feature helped the company create multiple range-based salary structures, making the payroll process efficient. 
  • Reports and analytics have played a significant role in saving the time of decision-makers.  
  • A total of 33hr a month in managing employee’s leave and attendance. 


IT Services and Consulting


Hyderabad, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The CEO suggested

Time taken for decision

30 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Spend more time on employee interaction

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