How Konnect diagnosed and overcame with Keka

Based out of Hyderabad, Konnect Diagnostics is a leading provider of health services with 8 thriving branches. They embarked on a journey to expand their reach across India and welcome over 200 new healthcare champions. When the need for a digital solution became crystal clear, the discovered and deployed Keka to introduce HR digital transformation. With Keka, they were able to prepare for the journey by streamlining attendance, simplifying payroll, improving employee communication, and drastically lowering attrition rates.

Tharak Chowdhary

Group Head Strategic Human Capital

After implementing Keka, employees have become happier, and the attrition rate has dropped down to almost 0%.

The big impact

  • Improved employee accountability and streamlined payroll processes
  • Enhanced employee experience, promoting engagement and collaboration
  • Elevated employee satisfaction, resulting in attrition rates dropping down to almost 0%


Medical & Healthcare


Hyderabad, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The management decided and facilitated the change

Time taken for decision

30 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Invest the time in strategic initiatives

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