boodmo Streamlined Performance Management Process

Founded in 2015,, a Smart Parts Online Pvt Ltd unit, is the country’s largest online marketplace for auto components buyers. A simple tool to capture attendance data and processing payroll was present, but it was full of errors. So, the company decided to outsource the payroll process. boodmo lost control of the process, and even the data had to be derived manually from excel sheets. The company collaborated with Keka to experience true automation and bring all their HR functions under their supervision.

Swayam Jaiswal

HR Manager

After implementing and using Keka in two of my organizations and experiencing its fantastic results, I will give it a 10/10. When in doubt about HRMS, choose Keka!

The big impact

The Payoff from the partnership between Keka and boodmo:   

  • Keka’s pulse feature diagnosed organizational health and is now enabling organizational development by quickly identifying employee problems.  
  • OKR module helped the organization migrate from a traditional goal-setting mechanism to a more modern one. Also, the OKR template setting is a great feature.  
  • The expense module (mobile and web app) made expense claim convenient for employees as they can directly add expenses and attach receipts from their gallery.  
  • Automation has eliminated the need for excel sheets. For example, the six-step payroll process ensures error-free processing. 




Delhi NCR, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The HR Manager suggested

Time taken for decision

25 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Spend more time on business planning

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