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CTO / Director of Engineering Job Description Template

We are looking for a Chief Technical Officer/ IT Director who can work closely with the CEO and COO to build and manage a stable technology infrastructure for the company. This role is ideal for someone who is a leader and has deep knowledge in architecture, platforms, engineering practices and so on.

We are looking for an individual to own the product engineering function and deliver exceptional results with in-depth experience, delivery excellence and thought leadership. The work will also involve goal-setting, discussing methodologies, and analyzing risks for the entire organization.

As a CTO, you will also be directly responsible for maintaining and building a high-performance engineering culture- which includes building a team, mentoring them and managing their careers with them.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead the team of developers and engineers, establishing and maintaining standards and regimens.
  • Oversee the development of  a technical roadmap for innovation and technical requirements ensuring the product is stable and innovative
  • Ensure product upgrades and business goals move hand in hand
  • Hire efficient new talent in line with quarterly goals
  • Report on team statistics monthly to gauge performance on a wide range of pointers
  • Handle the budget for the engineering department
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders to make changes and improvements to support customer needs
  • Provide individuals with guidance, mentorship, and a path for growth within the Technology organization

Job requirements:

  • M.S. degree in Information technology or a technology-related discipline preferred
  • Background & experience in Enterprise, SaaS and/or B2B
  • 10-12 years of experience in a global organization with high scale
  • Stronghold on technology updates, architecture, design and more to match marketing/business/product goals
  • Excellent executor and management expertise
  • In-depth expertise in design, optimizing, maintaining, and testing large online systems.
  • Significant experience in conducting technological analyses and research to build a strategy
  • Highly entrepreneurial and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with minimal guidance – be an owner.


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