Cosmetologist Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    Cosmetologists are professionals that work in the beauty industry and have an inborn talent to build social relationships. Candidates need to be screened for their expertise and hands-on experience in the field, be it nail dresser, hairstylist, makeup artist and skincare expert.

    You want to look for their precision, eye for details, attention, knowledge of all product contents they use and patience. An ideal candidate will have great communication, service and customer satisfaction skills.

    To make things easier, here are some questions that will help you in finding the right fit:

    • Why did you choose this career?
    • How would you handle a client who isn’t satisfied with your work?
    • How do you stay updated with the latest fashion and beauty trends?
    • Which cosmetic products do you swear by and why?
    • How much time do you require to give a haircut to a client with waist-length hair?
    • Do you offer services for a special occasion?
    • Where does your expertise lie?
    • What would you do if a client complains to the management about a mistake of yours?
    • What would you do if a client refuses to pay for the service after its completion?
    • How do you select the right haircut and service for a client who is indecisive?
    • Which magazines and beauty gurus do you follow for inspiration?
    • Who is your biggest inspiration in the fashion world?
    • Tell us about the time you worked in a team? How would you describe your role in it?
    • Tell us about an incident where you coaxed a client to buy a product?
    • How many unsuccessful attempts have you made to persuade a client to buy your products?
    • How do you judge a product’s purity and safety?
    • How do you maintain the cleanliness of your workstation?
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