Channel Sales Manager Job Description Template

Table of Contents

    We are looking for a goal-oriented channel sales manager for winning, maintaining, and expanding all our partner relationships within the assigned territory. 

    Your role will include supporting the company’s ongoing sales and growth opportunities by providing channel sales support to a region or portfolio of assigned partners or customers.

    You will also be required to work with the technical engineering team whenever a customer needs customized products or services.


    • Bring new partners on board and maintain relationships with existing partners.
    • Understand customer and business needs to cross-sell and up-sell the company’s products.
    • Coordinate with other company personnel such as the support team and management team to deliver and meet customer/ partner expectations.
    • Act as a bridge for communication between the customers/ partners and the engineering team.
    • Access, clarify and validate partner needs and performances at regular intervals and maintain a high partner satisfaction rate 
    • Coordinate with other sales channels to avoid any potential conflicts.
    • Coordinate with partner sales personnel and maximize sales.
    • Manage funnels, forecast, and seize sales opportunities.
    • Drive and manage sales and marketing campaigns.


    • A minimum of X years of work experience.
    • A bachelors’ or masters’ degree in sales.
    • Thorough understanding of the industry.
    • Exceptional communication skills.
    • Flexible to travel to partner locations.
    • Solution-oriented outlook.
    • Ability to build lasting relationships.


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