Cashier Interview Questions

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    A cashier has the responsibility of maintaining the flow of cash from customers when they buy a product or come to return it. They are either the first or the last person your customers talk to when they first make a contact with your store. You want to hire someone good with money and people with no specific requirement of prior experience. The ideal candidate will seem like the most reliant and people-friendly person with good communication and analytical skills. Love for numbers would be a bonus.

    Here are questions that will help you in your journey of finding the right Cashier for your company:

    • Why do you want to work for us? 
    • What according to you are the qualities a business development manager should possess? 
    • How do you define yourself? 
    • How do you think the company will be affected positively by hiring you? 
    • What do you think are the major challenges of this job? 
    • How do you think your experience has helped you in your present role? 
    • How do you deal with aggressive customers? 
    • Tell us about your experience with cash handling. 
    • How would you stay motivated in a role that has repetitive tasks on the schedule? 
    • What would you do if a customer wants to buy a product with two different offers combined which aren’t possible? 
    • What would you do if there was a shoplifting incident? 
    • How would you approach a co-worker who was continuously late to work? 
    • What would you do if a customer comes for a return or refund? Walk us through the procedure. 
    • What would you do if a customer paid less for an item and you realized it later? 
    • What would you do if a customer pays more for an item and you realize it later? 
    • Tell us about a time when you felt fulfilled with your job? 
    • Defend the remuneration package that you want. 
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