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    A call center manager should recruit and train new agents to ensure they have the skills to manage calls efficiently. They need to monitor calls to ensure that the call executives follow quality standards. HR should ask questions that help them assess the candidate’s experience, skills, and knowledge in managing a call center.


    Call Centre Manager Interview Questions for HR


    HRs work closely with the call center manager to support and optimize the team’s performance. The call center manager should make sure of excellent customer service. The interview should include questions about the candidates’ qualities, abilities, knowledge and how well they would fit the job.


    Here are some common call center manager interview questions that HR may ask:

    • What experience do you have managing a call center team?

    • What are the best ways to start boarding the new employee?

    • Can you describe a situation where you had to address a customer complaint, and how did you handle the situation?

    Call Centre Manager Interview Questions – Based on Behaviour


    1. What issues do you have to face when running a remote-based call center?

      The interviewer may ask about the challenges of managing a remote call center to provide support and resources to the manager.

      The candidate should mention their difficulties, like worrying that the executives may not work as hard as they would on-site. However, the candidate should also give a solution to this problem, like providing a project milestone and incentive to the employees.

      The interviewer assesses the candidate’s managerial experience and knowledge of remote team management. The response can provide them insight into how the candidate handles remote teams.

    2. How do you manage and prioritize the number of calls from customers?

      There are many reasons that the HR officer can ask this. The interviewer observes how the manager responds to complex customer service problems. It lets the interviewer gauge the managerial skills in customer service.

      The candidate may reply with a strategy where a customer request queue is based on a scale of need or urgency. It allows the interviewer to observe whether the candidates are most effective in their work, along with their time management skills. Each of these aspects is crucial when managing a call center.

    3. Can you give an example of a time when you went above and beyond to provide excellent service to a customer?

      A good call center manager should be able to ensure that customers have a positive experience with their prior call centers. With this question, HRs can evaluate the candidate’s customer service skills. The candidate’s response can reveal their ability to build customer trust and rapport.

    4. How do you motivate your team members to meet performance targets?

      A good manager is required to have the skills to motivate and inspire team members to meet performance targets and drive productivity. The interviewer should ask this to assess the candidate’s leadership skills.

      HRs can understand the candidate’s ability to create a positive work environment. The answer can reveal how they reward high performance and make a positive team culture that motivates the team to achieve their goals.

    5. How do you balance the need to provide excellent customer service with the need to meet productivity targets?

      This type of question can help HR assess the ability of the candidate to manage change. The call center manager should be able to recognize the need for change, design and execute the changes and then effectively communicate the differences to their staff.

      The answer could show how the candidate communicates changes with team members. They manage expectations and ensure team members know the rationale of the changes.

    6. What were the most difficult decisions to make for you so far as a call center manager?

      The interviewer may ask about the candidates’ most difficult decisions to provide support and resources to the manager. Knowing the manager’s specific challenges can help HR offer them the necessary tools and resources to overcome these challenges and succeed in their role.

    Call Centre Manager Interview Questions – Based on the Situation

    1. What are some of the most effective practices you have implemented at your center?

      The interviewer may ask this to comprehend how the candidates specified issues within calls and how they created the best practices to deal with the problems and successfully executed those methods.

      A call center manager should have the most suitable way to communicate the best practices to colleagues. The interviewer mainly focuses on how the managerial candidate inspires and motivates their team to follow those methods.

    2. How do you handle staffing issues, such as absenteeism or high turnover rates?

      The staffing issue is a common problem in call centers. A manager should have good experience in dealing with it. The answer can help the interviewer assess the candidate’s experience managing call center operations.

      This question lets HRs evaluate the candidate’s leadership skills. The candidates’ answers reveal their approach to building a positive work environment. It also shows how they handle conflicts and manage employee relations.

    3. How would you handle an angry customer demanding to speak with a supervisor?

      This is an excellent way for HR to get insights into the candidates’ ability to stay calm and humble under pressure. The candidates can also discuss their conflict resolution skills.

      A call center manager should have strong customer service skills. They should be able to diffuse customer complaints to maintain customer satisfaction. This question can help the interviewer assess the candidate’s customer service skills.

      HR can determine the candidate’s soft skills with this question. Their response can reveal how they would communicate with the customers and their team members, including how they would explain the issue and potential solutions.

    4. Could you describe when you had to implement a change in the call center and how you communicated the transition to your team?

      A call center manager should be able to decide the necessity for change and plan and execute the changes. They should effectively communicate the change to their staff.

      The interviewer can evaluate how candidates will motivate team members to embrace change and how they lead by example in adopting the change. The candidate’s answers will determine how they communicate with team members about changes and manage the team’s expectations. It also ensures the team knows the reason behind the change and how the candidate inspires their team.

    5. Can you describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision regarding resource allocation?

      HRs can learn the way the candidate manages resources. The answer would show how the candidate prioritizes different requirements and needs. The call center manager should balance short-term and long-term objectives. They should ensure that resources are appropriately utilized.

      The candidates can show how they communicate their decision to the team employees and how they manage expectations. They ensure team members are aware of the grounds for the decision.

    6. Tell us about a time when you took advantage of new training methods to boost your team’s performance in sales.

      Employers use this question to learn about the experience of the managers and how they utilize it to improve outcomes within the workplace.

      In answering this question, candidates should consider when productivity increased, or efficiency enhanced thanks to the training they put in place. The candidates should refer to the information points to demonstrate how the team improved.

    Call Centre Manager Interview Questions – Based on Self Awareness


    1. What inspired you most as you started working as a call center manager?

      This question helps HR understand the candidate’s motivation and passion for the role. It provides insights into what drives the candidate, what they enjoy about the position, and how they approach their work. By understanding this, HR can gauge their long-term objectives and potential for growth within the company. HR can assess whether their values align with the company’s culture and whether they will fit the team well.

    2. How do you keep up to date with industry trends and changes, and what steps have you taken to incorporate those changes into your call center’s operations?

      Call center managers should understand the industry and keep updated with emerging trends and changes. The answers can show how the applicant has responded to changes over time and how they have changed their call center operations.

      The candidate’s knowledge of industry trends and changes should fit into the call center’s goals and objectives. The interviewer should notice how they plan to include those changes to improve call center operations.

    3. What was the least and the most rewarding about your previous job?

      With this question, the interviewers are seeking to understand the candidate’s perspectives on their past work experiences. This question provides insight into their motivations, values, and the aspects of a job that they find fulfilling or challenging. They are looking to know what motivates the candidates, their level of job satisfaction, their values, and their priorities.

    1. What metrics do you use to evaluate the success of your call center team, and how do you use that information to improve performance?

      This question will help HR determine the candidate’s skills in data analysis. The answer could be a clue as to how the candidate processes data to find patterns and trends and how they apply the information to improve the team’s performance.

      Call center managers need to possess the ability to assess and evaluate the call center’s performance. They should be able to pinpoint areas that could be improved.

    2. How do you coach and develop call center representatives to improve their performance?

      HR seeks to ensure the call center representatives work effectively and meet their goals. When asking managers how they coach and train their staff, HR can gain insights into the techniques and strategies employed to boost performance.

      HR may have specific standards or guidelines to be followed when coaching and developing employees. By asking the manager about their coaching and development practices, HR can ensure these standards are met.

    Taking everything into account

    These questions can help HR assess the call center manager’s soft skills, like leadership, problem-solving qualities, and approach to managing a call center team. Round the clock, call center managers need to be on their toes to answer clients, satisfy customers, and manage agents. The call center managers look at the larger picture and see potential changes when it occurs.

    A good HR knows that numbers drive a call center, and their goals are usually very high. They should look for a manager who feels motivated to set goals and organize the business to ensure that the goals are achieved.

    The interviewer should ensure the new call center manager knows the importance of an effective onboarding process and how to implement one. HR should ask about their onboarding process to provide them with the necessary support and resources to help them onboard new employees.


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