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Breach of Employment Email Template 

A breaching employment email, also known as a warning email is a formal HR process for recording misconduct, a disciplinary concern, or poor performance and discussing it with an employee. This email may also serve as a prelude to termination by establishing expectations for future behaviour.

Here is the template for breach of employment email that you may just copy into a word document and send to personnel when required:

Subject: Reprimand for Breach of Policies

Greetings [Employee Name]

This email serves as an official warning for the incident that occurred on [Date of Incident]. We were notified of [Explain the Incident>. This sort of conduct is not acceptable in the workplace and is prohibited by Company Policy [Name of the Policy, Page number, Section number, or the Serial Number in the Company Policy Document].

Our policies and procedures are intended to make the workplace and corporate culture open and safe for all employees across various levels. To foster a collaborative and performance-oriented work culture, we expect all employees to respect and follow these rules.

We have put you on a warning period because you have been determined to be breaking the rules. Your behavior will be tracked throughout this time.

If you commit the same infraction again, you will face severe consequences, including

(a) suspension without pay or

If you commit the same infraction again, you will face severe consequences, including

We continue to believe you are an important member of our team, and we expect you to make immediate improvements. We are I’m hoping for a favourable outcome from this dialogue.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time in case you have any questions. You must sign a copy of this letter to acknowledge that you have read and understood the debate.



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