Brand Strategist Job Description Template

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    A Brand Strategist is an expert in creating strategies to meet the branding goals of a company. They carry out marketing research and create content pillars that position the brands as thought leaders. Professionals in this role gather insights into consumer demand and assist the creative team to promote the brand in the market.

    Brand Strategist Job Brief

    We are looking for a Brand Strategist who understands marketing and possesses solid soft skills. This means excellent interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills. This role requires professionals to study consumer behaviour and make plans for brand creation and promotion.

    Brand Strategist Roles and Responsibilities

    • Frame a comprehensive strategy for brand promotion.
    • Create strategic content decks with a plan that matches the approach of each partner.
    • Take charge of designing clear and effective branding strategies for clients.
    • Create brand-partnership strategies influenced by the brand, culture, and consumer research.
    • Communicate the brand’s message and present ideas to clients, on calls if necessary.
    • Help create marketing campaigns.
    • Work with the internal creative team as well as client personnel (Sales, R&D [research and development], etc.) to create and launch commercial strategies and branding campaigns.
    • Utilise project management software to monitor, view and complete project tasks.
    • Create and manage online surveys and other research.
    • Analyse consumer markets and synthesise results to help clients serve customers in a meaningful manner.
    • Develop a social media strategy.
    • Guide the design team to create marketing materials such as advertisements banners, brand logo, ebooks etc.

    Brand Strategist Requirements

    • Graduate or postgraduate degree in marketing, branding or communication.
    • Background in research analysis and statistics.
    • Up-to-date knowledge of market trends and data.
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Relevant experience in brand management or marketing.
    • Expertise in developing and presenting projects for brand promotion.
    • Excellent research and analytical skills
    • A strategic and creative bent of mind.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What makes a successful Brand Strategist?

    A successful Brand Strategist constantly ensures that their research and the information gained through it yields reliable and effective outcomes. They are strategic thinkers with robust brand and market knowledge. Successful Brand Strategists are result-oriented creative thinkers who can bring people together to work as a team, can adapt to changing circumstances, and are always eager to learn.

    2. What are the regular tasks of a Brand Strategist?

    Brand Strategists are always thinking of fresh advertising and marketing ideas as well as other inventive ways to strengthen the brand’s image. They meet with corporate executives to understand the brand’s goals and liaise with members of the marketing department to find the best ways to position the brand in the market. Sometimes, working outside of the typical 9-to-5 schedule becomes necessary.

    3. What are the tools used by Brand Strategists?

    The more tools Brand Strategists have, the more effective their work is. For instance, while they do not need to take up the role of a designer, they must know the components of the design software used in the company. They must be adept in social media and the web, and also cloud-based knowledge. A Digital Brand Strategist should possess basic knowledge of Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, tools for analysis and research, social media apps, and other relevant software.

    4. What are the qualifications and training required to become a Brand Strategist?

    Brand Strategists usually receive on-the-job training under the present Brand Strategist. This time of learning gives the new employee a chance to understand the company’s culture and procedures. This also lets the new employee become familiar with the tools and software that the company employs. A degree in marketing, communication, design, business, or arts is helpful. However, it’s not in any way necessary to get started in the field of brand strategy. They could also make it through the door as an agency’s advertising or marketing intern.

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