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Brand Manager Job Description Template

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    A brand manager’s role is to build an organic front to the business – wherein people recognize and appreciate the brand. Be it from the product angle or culture, the brand manager’s role is to ensure we are well represented across channels. This role is for a person who understands HR, Marketing, and Organisational Culture. 

    Responsibilities of a Brand Manager:

    • Research and be aware of competitor brand, execution, and strategy – ensuring through all this, our brand stands out
    • Define and maintain brand positioning strategy for various products
    • Ensure Creativity within developing marketing/sales collateral, branding, and other customer-facing material.
    • Conduct a brand audit yearly with key stakeholders to review this year’s output/collaterals
    • Be aware of social media trends and employer brand with the core goal to present our company as the best place to work
    • Create thought leadership articles from the C suite to promote ideologies and thoughts that garner organic traffic
    • Be part of teams that create Above line and below the line marketing campaigns to ensure you stay on brand and on-trend


    1. At least 5+ years of experience in B2C marketing in the region
    2. Strong negotiation powers to get buy-in from all parties involved in a project
    3. Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal
    4. Basic accounting knowledge to manage brand expenses.


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