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    An award letter recognizes an employee’s hard work and dedication in making a positive contribution to a workplace, in terms of success or progress at work, through fields such as productivity and quality gains.

    The right award letter specifically details why the employee is receiving the recognition and the impact that his/her contribution had on the company, the department, the team, and/or customer satisfaction. Companies can send an award letter via email; however, the recognition becomes more special if the letter is written on a company letterhead and signed by the appropriate upper-level manager. Even better, if it is signed by the company’s president or CEO. The senior management participation in the award letter writing or the presentation of the letter increases the value of the recognition for the employee as a majority of employees seek recognition from the higher-ups in their organization. It assures them that the senior managers know about their efforts.

    Structure Of An Award Letter

    A basic award letter template will follow the same structure of a typical letter created for professional purposes with an appropriate amount of space left for recipient information and the letterhead of the organization. The body of the letter can be built using an essay outline. The essay outline will allow you to convey information in an organized and logical manner.

    Make awards, recognition, and gratitude a regular occurrence in your workplace to recognize and retain your best employees.

    Sample Award Letter

    <CEO/Manager Name>

    <Address 1>

    <Address 2>

    <Email id>

    Date: __________

    <Employee Name>

    <Address 1>

    <Address 2>

    Dear ________,

    Congratulations on receiving the award for the best employee for the month of (month), 20XX.

    We know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we assure you that your efforts are appreciated. We also know that sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of the day, we may not show our appreciation as effectively as we might. However, this is the right time to thank you for all your hard work.

    Co-workers nominate an employee who they feel has contributed the most to the team. Various nominations appreciated the fact that you helped other team members whenever needed while meeting your own deadlines for projects. Your team members also appreciated the fact that you put a positive attitude and assumed leadership role when others struggle with deadlines for their projects.

    Additionally, your seniors vouch for your hard work, efficiency, and organizational skills. They are much impressed with your daily accomplishments. It speaks highly of how well you and your work are perceived in the company. It is a positive contribution that deserves our recognition.

    You may choose to redeem your points now or you may choose to accumulate additional points over time in order to qualify for a reward of higher worth.

    I am proud to say that you are a valued member of our department. I once again congratulate you on the award and wish you keep up the spirit.


    (Written Signature of the CEO or the manager)

    (Name of the CEO or the manager)

    (Position in the company), (Department if any)

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