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6 Biggest Pain Points That Make Employees Cringe

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Employees Today Care More About Their Workplace Culture, Bosses And Growth Opportunities Than They Did Two Decades Ago.

With strong economies, jobs are easily available to them, and most employees today are open to quitting their current jobs in a moment’s notice if they are not happy. As per Tiny Pulse’s Employee Engagement Report of 2019, 43% of workers would be willing to leave their companies for just a 10% salary increase.

There are so many things that can drive employees crazy at work. Here is a list as reported by employees in the TinyPulse Report:

1. Technical Issues

How many times has the WiFi connection stopped working at your workplace? Or how many times has software taken weeks to understand, and once understood has collapsed or changed all over again? These might seem like minor issues but if they keep happening over and over again, employees are bound to lose their mind.

2. Multiple Interruptions

An office might not always be the best place to produce the best work. Because creativity and innovation require focus. And how can one focus if there is a distraction every few minutes? Be it noisy work environments, too many meetings, emails, notifications, phones buzzing and ringing – the list is endless. Having too many distractions at work reduce the quality of work, lead to missed deadlines and great losses in revenue.

3. Poor Communication From Management

The employee-manager relationship might singlehandedly might one of the key determinants of employee engagement. The way employees are managed can directly affect their level of commitment to the organization. The way managers communicate, help set realistic goals, deliver on their promises, lead by example and help their subordinates learn and grow matters a lot more than you might think. After all, employees don’t quit jobs but they quit managers.

4. Lack Of Flexible Options

Lack of flexible options such as work from home or casual Fridays can turn off employees. In fact, work from home option is something most employees look at while searching for a new job. A flexible schedule and options give employees the feeling that they have an option to achieve some sort of work-life balance. Too many rules and regulations are a thing of the past. As long as work is top notch quality and gets delivered on time, forceful rules are going to only hamper engagement levels.

5. Office Politics

Who is wearing what to work, who is the boss’s favorite and why, who has the best sense of humor – These trivial discussions define office politics when people talk behind each other’s backs. Office politics can single-handedly bring down the entire culture of an organization. People with high emotional intelligence usually stay away from toxic cultures, as they can really feel its negative impact on themselves and the company. And when an employee cannot relate to the energies of his colleagues, it can create very uncomfortable circumstances. And the moment they get a better opportunity, they will take it.

6. Lack Of Recognition

Only 1 in 3 people feel they were recognized the last time they went the extra mile at work. Employee recognition is the secret sauce of employee engagement. It provides the base for validation and recognition we all seek for a job well done. Studies have linked employee recognition programs to everything from customer satisfaction, a strong belief in core values and employee retention. If employees do not feel valued for their work or are made to feel like they matter, they are bound to leave the organization sooner or later.

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