HR Metrics that Drive Business Impact

HRs are finally getting a seat at the business high table. Are they ready?

In a world where the relationship between human resource management and businesses is becoming increasingly outcome-driven, it’s critical that its practitioners start moving towards the goalpost of data usage and analytics.  

HR Metrics is the language spoken at the business high table. The current volatility and disruptions in the business world have put HR function at the center stage as organizations have begun to realize that a people-centric approach is the surest way towards sustained success.  

In other words, we are witnessing a new relationship between HR and organizations. CXOs expect HRs to be more agile and adaptable, with a deep understanding of the goals and challenges that their company faces. To succeed in this new relationship, HRs have to become data-driven.  

Data and analytics introduce objectivity against unstable, fuzzy thinking. A data-driven HR function can significantly improve employee performance and will also be in a better position to assist leaders in decision-making. 

This white paper provides you with a detailed breakdown of metrics that matter to business. In this document, you can explore: 

  • The evolution of HR metrics 
  • How to prepare ground and introduce HR metrics    
  • How Keka functions as an HR data superhero 
  • Mission-critical HR metrics within Keka, to measure the effectiveness of hiring, onboarding, payroll, compensation & benefits, performance, and employee engagement 

Download the white paper and explore each topic in detail! 

Download the eWhitepaper for free!
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