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6 Best Practices to Welcome New Employees in your Organization

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Introducing New Employees Into The Organization Is A Tedious And Major Function For HR Professionals, especially if they have to onboard a huge number of people on the same day. It is imperative for HR Manager to prepare new employees to succeed at their job and at the same time fully engaged and productive.

Having a detailed onboarding ensures that your new hires have a clarity about their work process and helps the employer to increase productivity and retain the best talent. Following are the six best practices you can follow to welcome your new employees

1.Begin With Formal Orientation.

Orientation should generally start on the first day of an employee on work. Make it fun and have a big welcome banner. This will create the positive first impression that is consistent with the image you convey during the hiring process. Open the dialogue to any questions the individual may have at the end of the orientation program.

2. One-On-One Introduction

Take some time to introduce yourself and get to know the new employees as this will help him/her adjust quickly. Have a one-on-one fun introduction with every new hire to know them better as it will help them to mingle quickly with confidence with their team on their journey with the organization.

3. Quick Tour Of Your Office

Welcome them by giving a quick tour of your office and share the important information that it is really handy for a new employee to get acquainted with the office. Instead of feeling disoriented, they will feel more comfortable in the workplace.

Inform them who is responsible for several key departments which everyone has to liaise with. This way they would know who to contact when they need assistance in these areas

Post-work socializing, which is certainly no so common many companies will help the newbies to make new friends and improve bonding with the workplace.

4. Have Team Building Activities

A most important asset for small businesses is people. Having engaged people is essential as it ensures that employees are more engaged with co-workers.

Organize team building activities for both new and existing employees. This will help in employee engagement and will keep void of any kind of uncertainty. Start your employee engagement program from the Day-1.

Organize games like treasure hunt which gives excitement, plan a team outing or have a lunch together. Make sure you never bore your new hires. Check out our article on Team building activities where you can find cool games which you can organize with the least possible budget.

Also, leave a welcome note or small fun gift (If you have enough budget) at their desk which surprises them

5. Roles And Mission

Educate the individual’s role in the organization and introduce him to his team and the manager who he needs to follow up with. You got to make sure their role and teams/companies mission.

6. Check-In At Their Desk

At the end of the first 2 days, follow up at his/her desk. Find out how they are feeling at a new place and ask if they’ve encountered any difficulties. Make your new employee feel like a part of your company.

Benefits Of Having Strong Onboarding Program

  1. Employees become familiar and comfortable with their job roles and Improves employee retention
  2. Easy to build relationships with colleagues from day 1 and makes them feel engaged by improving internal communications
  3. More important of all, it builds trust and alignment as it educates new hires about the organization and its mission. Making them feel grateful is the main mission of having a strong onboarding

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