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[Webinar Key Takeaways]: Challenges That Should Not Be Ignored By HRs In SME

By: | May 29, 2020 5 min read

In the recently organized webinar, we were joined by Dheeraj Kumar Pandey, an experienced HR Process Consultant, and a Coach. Dheeraj addressed the key challenges that are experienced by HR professionals, especially in the SME space.

He shared his insights backed by expertise and methods that support HR Professionals in bettering employee engagement and thus, organizational growth. Specifically, he focused on the processes that impact employee engagement and trust.

Below are the key takeaways adapted from the webinar.


There is a gamut of requests from employees that show up on HR’s screen every day from diverse categories. These need to be addressed and resolved by the HR team religiously. At the same time, it is important to visualize this discrete data to understand the rate of increase in the grievances and to categorize them.

Once visualized, this graphical data gives insight into employee’s growth and engagement. Further, these compiled statistics will impact your decisions and help assimilate matters to be worked on at ground-level.


To enhance employee engagement, organizations must concentrate on the career growth of employees. Traditional performance reviews have been a cause for worry for employees because they often find internal growth to be tougher than they would expect. Hence there is a need to re-think learning exercises from a performance management perspective.

Competency is one way through which an organization can express that they care for their employee’s growth. Successful implementation of competency in performance management requires:

  • Right framework
  • Feedback
  • Precise rating scale


Taking up initiatives is necessary to enhance the health of the organization in terms of processes, employee experience and to promote a great workplace culture. Sometimes insecurities prevent people from expressing initiative related ideas. These reservations could be:

  • Fear of bad outcomes
  • Lack of rewards

Recognition of success helps employees negotiate with reservations better. In doing so, it also nurtures initiative taking. Recognition should be not only at the organizational level but also at the team level. When you share even small achievements with the team, the collective recognition and appreciation often motivate employees to contribute more.

Going further, to nurture the initiative taking capability, the organization must know the individual’s initiatives and make them a part of group learning. This way they would not only welcome the ideas of employees but also implement them in the areas with the best fitment.


Rewards motivate the person to go the extra mile. For building a great reward system, transparency is key. It builds trust and employees learn that they are rewarded on a fair basis as the process is clear to everyone.

Through a transparent reward system, the employee is convinced that his/her achievement is being recognized and is distinguished from others. This impacts the journey and experience of the employee throughout his/her tenure in the organization.

For implementing a clear and visible reward system, four policies are required,

  • Policy about Increment Band
  • Policy about Goal Setting Process
  • PIP Policy
  • Termination Policy

On the other hand, organizations should be able to distinguish the elite performers from the group. It is necessary to induce self-motivation when they look up to each other. In the absence of such a system, employee productivity stagnates, and peer achievements may end up shrouding individual learning.


Supporting employees based on their performance data can be a humongous task for a huge employee count. The simple solution is to let employees themselves take responsibility for their actions.

This can be achieved by integrating an HR system where an employee can view performance metrics, understand them, and take definite steps to enhance the areas they are lagging in. Thereby, the HR in the SME can concentrate on priorities critical to business growth.

You can watch the whole webinar below for better cognizance. Do let us know your thoughts from the comments below.

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