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10 Ways to Bring the Best Out of Your Employees

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It Just Starts From You In Bringing Out The Best From Workforce You Have.

One must agree that being a manager is not an easy thing. While that does not imply that it stops you from making your employees happy. Everything seems going well when seeing through the glass of your room, but you know most of the times it isn’t the same case. There are pretty good chances that some of the employees are demotivated, unaligned with the company’s goals, unhappy with management, some vulnerable issues etc. It is the duty of the employer to reach out to them, talk and put maximum effort to resolve their concerns. This builds trust in them and enables to give their optimum output.

For the best employee engagement, you need to invest your time, money and patience. With definite steps taken you can see the transformation in productivity and the work rate. If they feel that they are being valued, they ought to come to the workplace with a new energy and confidence every day.

1. Reach Out

Whether it could be a new employee or an existing one, go to them and talk. Wish them, it always gives a good notion about you. Someone might have something to share you with but are in hesitation. Maybe, they are facing some problem, or they need some assistance, you don’t know until you ask. You should break the ice and initiate the conversation. This way you give a lot of scope for sharing of ideas, opinions, and thoughts. It shows that you care for them and you are not giving any chance for miscommunication.

Basically, this is also like the feedback you will be getting, based on which you can reiterate certain things to maintain everything on track.

2. Recognize And Appreciate

According to the Australian Institute of Management, about 40% felt that they are unappreciated at work. There is no big reward than getting recognized and appreciated. It could make an employee’s day. This could be in various ways such as admiring, promoting or rewarding etc.

It just takes thought to go to their desk and appreciate. This motivates them to perform even better the very next time. Not getting any recognition is just quite saddening for an employee who puts all his efforts to get the work done. That is why most of the employees are being frustrated and unable unleash their maximum potential. This small act of admiring can bring a huge difference in the performance graph of him/her for even if it is the slightest work they have done.

3. Proper Orientation

Only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job at onboarding new employees

The foundation for the new hires in order to be the best lies in the orientation you give. In most of the organizations, the orientation for a new employee or fresher is not thorough enough. This results in confusion of what and how their work is going to contribute to the organization.  Vision and goals of the company should be rightly imparted in the start, else misalignment occurs. The program should be reconstructed with the set of logistics that they ponder like positivity in workplace, freedom, transparency which in overall increases favorableness.

4. Flat Organization Structure

When you are free to communicate with everyone, it mutes the gap of hierarchy. It helps in enriching the enthusiasm and creativity. This kind of unrestrained domain makes people involve much more in what they are intended to and exclude things that aren’t necessary. A thought could be transformed into a benefitting action by direct interaction with the right person in the right time.

There will be no place for micromanagement. Every time the manager checking on & doing remarks on the employee would add to his/her inferiority complex. Organizations with flat structure have employees who are treated fairly and promotes open communication.

5. Stress-Free Workplace

Everyone wishes for their work and workplace to be a lot pressure-free. The way the managers treat their employees’ effects the productivity. If you keep on putting the workload, the employees will develop insecurity about their personal life. 

About 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress

In fact, the scientific findings show that working consecutively would lead to the lessening of productivity and lead to health issues. Would you let your employees feel coming to work as a burden? or make them it a more enjoyable place?  Obviously the second one right! Add amenities in the organization such as music, indoor games, a nice cafeteria and giving them more leisure. It’s not wrong to have fun in between the working hours.

6. Feedback And Reviews

We often want to validate ourselves and hence we need feedback. To continue or to stop an action totally depends on this. By feedback, it does not mean you should be rude if their work is not up to the mark, but it has to be in a propitiate manner.

More than 75% of employees don’t feel they receive meaningful feedback

Explain to them, make them understand in a pleasant manner. So, the next time when they come to you for feedback, they rather unwind and wait for your winsome reviews.

When you are giving feedback to your employees keep these things in your mind,

  • Don’t delay too long to give reviews.
  • Feedback should be honest and precise to the point.
  • Listen to the employee’s perspective and thoughts.
  • Create a positive environment to make the receiver more relaxed.
  • Evaluate and elaborate on the pros and cons in detail.


7. Work-Life Balance

One of the key concerns in the workplace is achieving a balance between professional and personal life. People just lose their minds with the non-stop grinding all through the week. Working for long hours in a week results in abandoning other facets of life. This shows the effect on relationships, mental pleasures, habits, and hobbies.

  “42% of women compared with 29% of men report unhappiness, a consequence of competing life roles and more pressure to juggle

You could help them relieve by giving more leisure time. According to OECD, Denmark people have highest leisure (16 hours) for personal care and that is why they have the highest work-life balance when compared with other nations. You can provide your employees with work from home as per their comfort, providing parental leaves, lesser working hours, flexible shifts etc.

8. Introspect And Inspire

A ‘Boss’ focuses on work whereas ‘Leader’ focuses on people

As they say, a great leader inspires greatness in others. Introspect yourselves, get yourself in the shoes of your employees and see what they want. They want a manager who has got their back, one who can see positive possibilities in a hard situation and cheer them towards success. It is no other way around, what you show is what you get. Encourage their creativity and be supportive, you can expect an amazing and engaging workforce. If you are disrespectful to them, well! the result is much-disengaged employees and they will be taking the exit. Be a more lucid person, treat your employees fairly. They look up to you as a role model and follow your trails to discover their inner leadership skills.

9. A Happy Environment

A smile is a magnet.

Happiness is contagious, and a lot of good vibes are attached to it. It accounts for emotional well-being which directly impacts on the productivity of the employee.  According to the University of Warwick, Happiness made people around 12% more productive. A happy place includes fun activities, freedom, mindfulness, appreciation etc.

When people in the organization are happy, this creates a positive impression for a new employee and improves his overall onboarding experience. A content environment has fewer predicaments, encourages creativity and healthy communication. It becomes more of a rendezvous tryst for an employee.

10. Career Scope

Everyone looks for an organization that nourishes their career growth. Especially millennials who give the highest priority for this are not ready to get themselves into a job where they can’t see growth even though if they are paid highly. You should give a broad picture of how their skillset and abilities are going to help the organization and how your company is going to act as the best platform for them to develop. Then they will be getting enough idea on what they have to work on to reach desired heights in their career. All you need to do is just have interactive sessions where you will be giving some career advice, share your experiences and letting your employees share their knowledge too. Your life lessons would also sound more interesting.

When they are given proper care and attention, they surely return you with the high work rate to achieve the goals in time. You have to invest in your time and money. Above all, it is about building trust and relationship. Even though if you are able to greet them good enough, the impression would be for a longer time for them. It just starts from you in bringing out the best from workforce you have.

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