We are reshaping employees experience.
Our customers love it.

On an average, an employee using Keka would use the portal 60% more than any other product in the market.

The expense and document module are something of more significant help to us.

Dano Vaccines & Biologicals Pvt Ltd

Attendance tracking and Announcements are the features that really appeal to us.

Ekincare (Aayuv Techologies Pvt Ltd)

We would be more than happy to recommend your software to our contacts.

Sahiti Infratech

The great thing is that they implement KEKA in front of the user and later provide training of each module.

Tablespace Technologies

Payroll was trouble before using Keka. Now it's time-saving and module-specific.

Virtual Building Studio Pvt Ltd

I am happy to see the In or Out timing of employees with location & the Punching option is Good.

Reliable Sales

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