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We are reshaping employees experience.
Our customers love it.

On an average, an employee using Keka would use the portal 60% more than any other product in the market.

The best thing about Keka is that it helped admins manage payroll automatically, even in the absence of HRs.

Sunbird Trust

All types of report generation are easy and not time taking at all.

Servetta India Private Limited

I am very happy with Keka and would highly recommend it to my colleagues in other organizations.

Derisq Insurance Services Pvt Ltd

The user-friendly UI does the magic.

Cybermarine Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd.

As a key user in the HR domain, I am an extremely satisfied customer of Keka.


Keka's tracking policy stands out, now our employees are dedicatedly working 8 hours.

Shri aditya Homes Pvt Ltd

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