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Track time and resource utilization in your services business

Keka timesheet helps you track time on your projects while identifying billable and non-billable resources in your services business. It aids in measuring the utilization rate of your professional staff to allocate resources effectively.

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Timesheet software

World’s most user friendly time entry

Employees hate entering time every week. Keka makes the experience delightful with an intuitive interface for time entry. Your employees can easily track time on past and active projects, log hours, and comments to submit for approval. They can also use timers to track time while working on a project/task.

Delightful employee experience with intuitive interface for entering time, Timesheet Software

Project time

Track Project hours and revenue

A dynamic timesheet software that captures revenue generated against each undergoing project in a company. Track the number of billable hours you and your team invest in projects and calculate the accurate revenue against each project. The best part is you can also generate an invoice for the number of billable hours from the Keka timesheet software.

Track Project hours and revenue

Approval Workflow

Customize your time approval process among stakeholders

Automate, streamline, and manage your employees’ timesheet approval process in the most efficient way. Keka timesheet software creates an approval chain where multiple levels of approvers can be defined. The process empowers managers to approve or reject the timesheet submitted by the employees in the current project.

Customize Workforce Approvals

Haribabu Garapati

In Keka, easy UI and timesheet are stand-out features for us.

Haribabu Garapati
Finance Controller | Criticalriver

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In Keka, easy UI and timesheet are stand-out features for us.

Haribabu Garapati

Haribabu Garapati

Finance Controller | Criticalriver

Resource Management

Allocate resources on project tasks

Keka timesheet management software gives you a single snapshot view in dashboard form where you can view actual client-wise and project-wise insights. You can have a fair idea of how many resources are allocated in which project. This makes it easier for future project planning.

Allocate resource on Project task

Resource Usage

Track your resource usage

Keka takes you beyond any other simple time tracking software by tracking the actual billable, non-billable, and productive number of hours. The system enables you to gaze at monthly billable and non-billable hours on a dashboard view.

Track resource Usage

Frequently asked questions

What is timesheet software?

Timesheet software is a tool that allows managers or employees to enter the time spent working on various projects and tasks for a certain period. The entries are recorded based on the number of hours and resources spent by an employee. This facilitates billing, smooth payroll process, and client invoicing for projects. A timesheet software also gives a summary of the monthly/periodical status for the projects.

A timesheet software helps measure employee performance by evaluating the amount of time spent against the output produced. It identifies employees who are underperforming and costing the company extra money, thereby enabling companies to stay on budget and plan future project budgets as well. It also ensures accurate billing of projects by giving clients a comprehensive analysis of the amount of time spent.

Keka’s timesheet software provides project managers with an accurate view of revenue against each project, resources allocation, and amount of time spent. Keka gives a dashboard view of the billable and non-billable hours and insights that are useful for clients and project managers while generating invoices.

Remote teams can easily track time on current and previous projects. They can also view their log hours, comments, and resources. Employees working remotely don’t have to enter their time manually, they can easily clock in for attendance and enter time through a intuitive interface. With Keka’s timesheet software, one can track billable and non-billable hours, customize a time approval for remote employees, and view project-wise insights.

Keka’s timesheet software is integrated with the HR software. It is an add-on. Users can select this add-on after purchasing one of the HR and Payroll plans i.e., Foundation, Strength, or Growth plan. While the timesheet software does not come under the features of the plans, it can be added to the current plan of the customer.

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