Training Manager Interview Questions

Strategizing, implementing and managing are some of the key roles of a Training Manager. They are responsible for evaluating the company’s needs and then training employees on the basis of these. Consider these questions to ask candidates who apply for this crucial position.  

  • Why do you want to work for us? 
  • What according to you are the qualities a training manager should possess? 
  • How do you define yourself? 
  • How do you think the company will be affected positively by hiring you? 
  • What do you think are the major challenges of this job? 
  • How do you think your past experience has helped you for your present role? 
  • How you do prioritize work? 
  • What do you think are your prime duties? 
  • What is the first thing you’ll focus on if you’re hired?  
  • Tell me about your recent training program. Explain from start to end your role and contribution to it.  
  • What do you know about learning styles? Mention them. Which ones have you used? 
  • How do you stay updated on the latest employee training methods? 
  • How will you review the effects of the training programs given to employees? 
  • How comfortable are you using technology in your training regime? Have you ever used it? 
  • On what basis do you choose training programs? 
  • How do you come up with your own training methods? How far have they been effective? 

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