Top 15 Statistics Every HR Should Be Aware Of

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n Today’s Data-Driven World The HR Needs To Have Deep Insights And Analytics To Retaliate A Hostile Situation With A Strategic Approach To It.


With them, it would be easier to find a path that could lead a business towards growth and better employee experience at every level. It provides a brief overview of a whole aspect that necessitates them to assess a problem and make a decision to clear it.

Previously the HR used to toil around operational locales which later tuned to strategic which focuses on employee productivity and business growth. The third aspect that is shaping today’s HR industry is “Data Driven”. The HR has to be vigilant in every aspect relating to strategic and operational part when it comes to keeping track through data. These stats sometimes are surprising to realize as they are contrary to one’s beliefs and gut feeling.

The Stats: –

  • India commands a nearly $600-700 million slice from the global pie of $54 billion human resource technology market. (Economic Times)
  • 60% companies consider workplace culture top barrier to digital transformation. (KPMG)
  • 72% of talent professionals agree workplace flexibility. (LinkedIn)
  • OSHA estimates more than 2 million are affected by workplace violence every year. (SHRM)
  • 39% of HR Leaders are confident in their ability to transform the workforce and itself. (KPMG)
  • 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands. (Adweek)
  • 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that candidates with strong soft skills are increasingly important. (LinkedIn)
  • 71% of participants believed that having an AI manager at the workplace would lead to more or at least equally fair outcomes in giving promotions and raises. (PwC)
  • A study conducted by Deloitte says that a Hyper-Connected Workplace on an average has 7 different communication systems, and 70% of executives expect to buy more. (Deloitte)
  • 83% of HR professionals say they have had difficulty recruiting suitable job candidates in the past 12 months. (SHRM)

Other Interesting Facts: –

  • Highly engaged business units achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. (Gallup)
  • 51% of the 100 Best Companies have formal programs to recruit returning women and 9% of all female hires are second-career women. (Economic Times)
  • One-third of the entire world’s adult workforce of 3.3 billion, would put global unemployment closer to 33% than to the 5.6% that the ILO estimates. (Gallup)

Statistics give an idea of what are the key areas that you have to work on and inculcate methods in, that best support your organizational growth. As the times change, the data continuously changes. The main attribute that you have to possess is to be updated with the changes and this sets you apart in the game. With necessary steps taken then you would be witnessing booming transformation among the workforce, management, operations, coaching new hires, etc.

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