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The Reason You Should Worry About branding

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A Brand Represents An Organization’s Values, Promises To Its Customers And Employees, Its Work Culture, And What It Stands For.

Today organizations run their businesses on their brand value. A brand is no more seen as just a logo and a set of specific colors, but more than that. A brand represents an organization’s values, promises to its customers and employees, its work culture, and what it stands for.

Hence it becomes extremely important for organizations to manage their brand and brand value because it has the power to influence the organization’s external and internal audience.

What Is Employer Branding

Long before an employee appears for an interview, he or she makes an impression about the company based on its brand reputation. In other words, the reputation your brand has made in the job market as an employer. This reputation is built by your present and ex-employees and how they perceive working in your organization.

However, one should keep in mind that an employer brand is not the same as your product or services. One may love to use your product or services but might not want to work for you. This may happen because you might not have invested enough in your employer branding and a prospective talent might not know how it is to work for you.

Instead of choosing you, the candidate might choose your competitor who has invested in its employer branding and has created a positive influence. If you’re spending all your marketing efforts on promoting your products or services then here are a few reasons why you should worry about employer branding.

Why Does Employer Branding Matter

72% of recruiting leaders globally said that employer branding plays a critical role and impacts hiring in an organization. A strong employer brand helps to:

Decrease The Cost Of Hiring

With a consistent employer branding strategy, you will attract talents organically and save your budgets that you otherwise would have spent for marketing and promotions.

Reputation Goes A Long Way

Reputation is earned and cannot be bought. The reputation that you earn stays with you for a long time saving you from spending a lot on marketing.

Attract And Retain Talent

To attract and retain talent, you need to ensure you have built a positive employer reputation in the market. Data shows that most employees tend to go with a reputed employer while a large chunk of millennials consider company culture an important parameter to decide their potential employer.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Organizations face tough competitions when it comes to attracting clients or hiring for niche skills. If you have invested enough in your employer branding, you are certainly one step ahead of your competition.

How To Implement Employer Branding

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

As per Gallup, social media can now spread instant communication – employees can reveal and share their experience of working in their workplace. Getting the real picture of what is happening inside an organization is no difficult task.

As an organization, you can and should harness the power of social media to build your employer brand. Practice a positive work culture and encourage your employees to talk about it on social media.

In their award-winning campaign “I’m Intuit”, Intuit – an American software company, showcased their employees as the “face of Intuit” for their India employer branding campaign. Data revealed that after the campaign, Intuit India Facebook monthly reached an all-time high of 1.38 million with 70k reach for the #iamintuit.

Final Thoughts

Employer branding is the responsibility of every employee and every department. To build a successful employer brand, you need to involve everyone internally. If your employees do not feel comfortable to refer their friends and relatives to work for you, then you need to carry an internal audit and find what’s wrong.

Empower your employees to talk about your work culture, values, and overall how it feels to work at your company. A potential candidate would trust the word of mouth from her friend rather than a job ad is seen on the billboard that promises high.

If you want to attract top talent and wish to position yourself as a preferred employer to work with – it is time to pay attention to your employer branding.

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