Solution Architect Job Description Template[2024]

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    We are looking for a solution architect who will play a critical role in the software development cycle, from gathering requirements to directing the activities of the rest of the design team. You will have to frequently examine functional specifications and translate them into system guidelines that shape project development as well as find ways to align projects with enterprise-level systems.

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    Your Responsibilities as a Solution Architect:

    • Gather requirements and specifications from clients and users.
    • Work closely with sales team members and enterprise architects to gain a complete sense of stakeholder expectations and limitations before undertaking a major development project.
    • Examine existing systems and programs to identify areas for improvement and integration.
    • Develop schedules and test plans, prepare documentation based on analyst reports, and assemble documents presenting project guidelines and milestones to team members.
    • Identify potential issues between systems and client specifications and propose new solutions to work around these limitations.
    • Determine a project’s scope before developers begin any major work.
    • Identify areas where implementation may require more solutions to be successful.
    • Communicate directly with enterprise architects, developers, and clients.
    • Direct and oversee the activities of a team of developers, answering questions or helping to resolve issues as they arise.
    • Monitor timelines and progress to ensure that team members are adhering to these specifications.
    • Meet with clients to provide feedback and updates on development projects throughout – from the initial conversations to determine project scope and specifications to the final presentation of software solutions.
    • Prepare reports and presentations, as well as demonstrations, to keep the client informed about issues that arise during development and report on integration and deployment.
    • Work with outside vendors to develop and implement specific aspects of the software solution.
    • Consider costs and timelines and ensure that vendors meet deadlines for deliverables and project elements.
    • Review proposals and estimates from vendors and determine whether they fit into existing budgetary and time restrictions

    Skill Sets and Experience Needed for a Solution Architect

    • Possess a high level of technical literacy and the ability to analyze in detail.
    • Extensive time management skills to determine development schedules and milestones and ensure that deliverables are completed on time
    • Experience with team leadership and motivation is essential
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Possess excellent problem-solving attitude, and ability to quickly change direction based on updated client specifications or system limitations


    • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or a related field.


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