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Keka BGV (Background Verification Tool)

Background verification made simple through Keka

Get complete visibility of your workforce and ensure you identify and retain right-fit employees with Keka’s BGV Initiate background verification in 3 simple steps:

  • Enable integration with preferred vendor
  • Add employees and select relevant checks
  • Initiate background verification and receive reports

Hire faster and better with automated workflows

Three functionalities to enhance recruitment speed and productivity

  • Spotted an ideal candidate on LinkedIn? Activate Keka's extension and effortlessly add profiles with the drag-and-drop feature
  • Overwhelmed by countless applications? Shortlist candidate with lightning speed by setting custom rules such as experience level and location preferences
  • Want streamlined communication and status updates? Seamlessly integrate your email with Keka Hire for faster interactions
Keka Career Portal Builder

Double up your hiring conversions with Keka

Did you know? Organizations witness a 100% increase in hiring conversions with candidates who apply through a career portal.

Keka has brought to you an easy-to-use Career Portal builder. All you have to do is drag and drop the page elements you need and build your own pages. No more dependencies on web developers!

Latest Enhancements

Add more Supporting Documents to your Assets

Now you can add additional documents to assets, such as invoices, guarantee cards, service agreements, and more

Transparency in attendance penalties

Employees can view why they have been penalized in attendance, without having to raise a ticket or approach the HR for an explanation.

Unlock proof submission option for select employees

You can now unlock the option of tax declaration proof submission for select employees, even after the window of submission is closed.

Managers can override OT request restrictions

If the workload is high and a team has put in an overtime request, managers can approve, overriding delays and longer approval processes.

Ensure unavailable employees are not tagged for meetings

No more missed meetings and collaboration chaos! Block the calendar of on-leave employees so that only available employees are invited for meetings.

ESG and Social Insurance compliance in all 6 GCC countries

Keka now supports End of Service Gratuity calculation and Social Insurance contribution for all the GCC countries.

Keka Support

Help is just a click away

Find answers to frequently asked questions about any features related to Keka Hire, payroll, time & attendance, and performance management modules

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White Paper

HR Metrics that Drive Business Impact

HR Metrics is the language spoken at the business high table. The current volatility and disruptions in the business world have put HR function at the center stage as organizations have begun to realize that a people-centric approach is the surest way towards sustained success.


Keka Marketplace Spotlight

Onsurity which offers customizable healthcare and wellness benefits through monthly subscription plans, catering to the diverse needs of modern employees. Simplify HR's role in delivering tailored benefits that resonate with the team's requirements

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HR Story of the month

“The feeling of being anchored to something comes from gratitude,” she continues. “It confers the feeling of abundance and offers a positive outlook. When you believe you have enough, only then can you give to others. As an HR leader, you are the giver of emotional support and solutions”

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