How to engage your employees in 2021

New year 2021

In 2021, we thought it’d be nice for all organizations to write a message to the employees who’ve had an impact on their success this year.

While thinking of this message, we realized there is NOTHING to write. This ‘nothing’ is what we will talk about today.

We hope you can read till the end because this is a peek into the intricate woven threads of this ‘nothing.’

The hustle culture has made us think of ‘nothing’ as a bad thing, but it isn’t!

Have you ever looked at a lake? Plain old lake filled with plain old water, doing nothing.

lake view

Go beyond and you see the shine, the beauty, and the shape. Nothing is really happening, but it’s pretty good to look at.

Water is perhaps a symbol of how work-life balance is. Changing all the time. It comes in different colors, so does life.

We think work-life is weird, and it is. Sometimes a lot happens, sometimes nothing happens and it makes you wonder what is the right way to go ahead.

Going into 2021, we may end up going back to the old way or we might not. We may go back to offices and get stuck in traffic jams doing nothing, but still doing so much. Traffic jam is like that little startup full of energetic employees trapped in time, moving in one single direction, yet everything feels so still.

Everyone has time to do nothing. We have so many meetings every day and everyone thinks we are doing nothing.

Sometimes, we are clueless at work. Maybe we are thinking of the future and everything to come. Or the nothing that will follow.

An employee talking to himself seems nothing. But it’s great, as talking and screaming is fantastic on days that work pressure is getting to us.

Nothing is nothing to be worried about

It’s time we step back, take a look at things around us, and do things that some people think are worth nothing.

Like going home on time, taking a break on weekends, taking a leave to take care of loved ones, having a conversation about a career with our bosses, and much more…

Like looking at your colleague’s work and go ‘holy crapppppp’ this thing looks well planned, executed, and beautiful.

Yeah. Doing nothing shouldn’t be a pang of guilt trying to kill us.

Joy. Teamwork. Moments. Beauty Around Collective Work. A chance to feel things and enjoy work, alone or with a team that matters.


CEO calling the employees to talk about life. So much to feel but then again nothing really happening there in terms of work.

A hard worker. Struggling at work but trying again and again after learning from mistakes. Damn! Doing nothing, but brilliant to look at.

Lastly, there is so much going on, and all organizations want something so bad. Revenue, a bag full of clients, great employees, cool culture, etc., and everyone is in such a big hurry to get there…

In doing so, we aren’t paying attention to the best our work life has to offer, the best of nothing. The nothing that actually matters and should matter to everyone around us.

Like the employee working in the dark to complete an important project. Gives us all happiness and a sense of trust.

Go on. It’s a new year, and your employees are expecting the same old things like fancy gifts, celebrations, and work pressure.

Instead, offer them your trust. Offer them a Thank You. Offer them a sense of belongingness. Offer them your time. (this is exactly what we are doing at Keka this new year)

Relax or at least imagine doing that, or just do Nothing.

Cheers to new things in 2021.

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Keka Editorial Team

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