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Keka’s HR Conclave: Empowering HRs with Data-Driven Strategies and Insights

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Keka HR, an SME HR Tech Leader, organized their ninth edition of the HR Conclave in the ‘City of Joy,’ Kolkata, at the majestic ITC Royal Bengal on the 15th of June 2023. The event featured multiple round-table discussions to ensure participation from all invitees, to discuss HR analytics and its role in shaping HR strategies. The discussions centered around discovering the true potential of data-driven decisions behind transforming organizations.

Ashish Ghakrey, the founder of HR Shapers and one of the moderators commenced the session with his exciting insights, “Without data, you are just opinion, and no one cares about it.” A recent Gartner study has stated that HR analytics drives talent outcomes by 23% and significantly enhances organizational productivity.

AI-aided tools drive talent outcomes and performance enhancement

During the interactive session, Rumi Bhattacharya the HR Director of Delphi Consulting highlighted the advantages of leveraging AI tools to enhance the hiring experience. She explained this further, “AI tools can efficiently filter core skills and competencies of potential candidates, assisting recruitment teams in informed decision-making within a shorter time frame.”

Kshitiz Sachan the Lead Process Strategist at Keka HR, presented his views while stating that communicating the organization’s core values, mission, and vision helps clarify the performance expectations by aligning the employee’s goals with the organization’s overall strategies. Speaking about the lack of clarity when it comes to expectations from employees, one of the attendees mentioned the key challenges HRs face in this regard. He listed ineffective communication channels, limited knowledge and skill sets, and resistance to organizational changes as major roadblocks.

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Impact of culture and organizational structure

Parnita Bannerjee, the HR Manager at Mihup brought to light the common misconceptions surrounding the culture. “It (culture) is often associated solely with engagement activities. However, its real meaning goes beyond fun games and team outings. Culture in omnipresent. It is the core ingredient of an organization’s success.” She also stressed on the importance of adopting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, nurturing inter-departmental collaboration, and aligning the workforce with organizational values, mission, and vision to create a harmonious workspace and the right company culture.

As a topic, ‘organizational structure’ attracted a lot of lively discussions. Jyothsna Samanth, Senior HR Executive at SuperProcure affirmed that organizational structure plays a critical role in various HR decisions that range from compensation planning and performance analysis to succession planning and career trajectory planning. “A well-designed organizational structure is a foundational stone for strategic HR initiatives, helps maximize the employee potential and organizational efficiency,” she elaborated.

Expanding HRs knowledge base with an innovative initiative

Keka HR has started an innovative initiative to promote a reading culture among HR professionals. Every HR conclave travels with a ‘Knowledge Hub’ that comprises of case studies, booklets of practical HR use cases, and a mobile library of HR books. Attendees are offered their first book free of charge, and upon sharing a summary of the book through a QR code, they are eligible for an impressive 50% discount on the retail price of their next book, which is delivered right at their doorstep.

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The highly anticipated journey of the HR Conclave continues with Nagpur as its next halt. The next event will be held on the 6th of July 2023, promising a larger gathering of HR leaders to network, share insights on the latest trends and shape the future for HR advancement.

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