Keka Wins Best Payroll Software Award

Keka Best Payroll Award

Keka Just Won Its 4th Award Since Inception In 2015. And This Time It Is “Best Payroll Software” In India Awarded By World HRD Congress.


In a grand award ceremony that took place yesterday at Taj Lands End hotel in Mumbai and in presence of many dignitaries and senior HR leaders from across India, Keka received the award “Best Payroll Software’. This is proud moment for all of our teams and all our customers who made this possible. We are very humbled by the recognition. This means bigger responsibility and we will be working hard to to raise the bar further in the coming days ahead!


The World HRD Congress which is celebrating its 25th Golden Jubilee event had a  jury panel consisting of veteran, independent senior industry experts and senior HR Analysts that evaluated the competing products on the following criteria 

  1. The Product: What is the breakthrough innovation that the product brings?
  2. Unique Differentiation: How is the product unique from competing products in the market?
  3. Demonstrated Customer Success: How well the customers experience the benefits and derive value from the product?
  4. Payroll Service Provider Success: How well the third party Payroll Outsourcing companies are made inclusive in the Payroll platform ?

We are thankful to the customers who made this possible and we owe you guys big!

Big things are yet to launch!

This is just the beginning and we have big things in store waiting to be unleashed this year. A lot of customers have been eagerly waiting for Performance Management and Recruitment solutions and we are going to make our mark there before Monsoon showers!

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