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Keka & ICICI connected banking integration

6 min read

Here comes the bright side, Salary payment is now one click away. Salary payments are eased as Keka is now partnered with ICICI bank.

Here is how the integration is useful:

  • Easy and quick payment of salaries
  • The tedious process of generating and uploading transfer statements is now no more
  • Make payments to any bank account and reconcile the transactions effortlessly
  • Secure payments through OTP authentication and Payment Approvals

Yoo-hoo!! Feels intriguing right, then let us dig deep into this

Note: This automation of salary payment is now available for the customers using ICICI corporate account for disbursing salaries to their employees. Click here in case you are not an existing customer of ICICI and wish to open a new account.

How to register an ICICI bank account in Keka?

To register your ICICI bank account in Keka, you need to add your account details in Keka.

To do the same, you can navigate to Org >> Org Structure >> Legal Entities and click on “Add Bank”, select ICICI bank and fill in the respective details.

Keka ICICI 1

To register directly while adding the bank, you can click on Save & Register or you can also register while creating the payment batches as shown below

  • Navigate to Run Payroll >> Payroll Outcome >> Manage Payments

keka icici 2

  • Click on Create payment batch and select the ICICI bank that is added under your legal entity and then select the employees to be paid under the batch.

keka icici 3

  • After creating the batch, you will see information that Keka & ICICI are integrated, and you will see a link to register.

keka icici 4

After clicking the link as shown in the above image, a slider will open showing the Corp ID and User ID of your bank account. Once verified click on Confirm to raise a registration request.

Note: The details of Corp ID and User ID can be updated in case of discrepancy by clicking on the link shown in the below image.

keka icici 5

  • After raising a registration request, you have to login into the CIB portal to approve the registration request.

keka icici 6

  • To Approve the request from ICICI, login into the CIB portal, navigate to “Connected Banking Approvals” as shown below and approve the request.

  • After navigating to the connected banking section, select the registration request and click on approve and then authenticate with OTP to complete the approval

keka icici 8

keka icici 9

  • After approving the registration request from ICICI bank CIB portal, you can click on the link as shown in the below figure to check the registration status.

keka icici 10

  • Once the registration status is checked and the status of the registration request is approved, then the screen as below appears with the option to Make Payment.

Keka icici 11

How to make payments from Keka?

After registration, an option “Make Payment” as shown in the earlier illustration appears through which the payments can be triggered.

Employee Selection

To make the payments, first, you will need to select the list of employees to make the transaction to and at an instance payment can be triggered only for 500 employees.

Keka ICICI integration

  • After selecting the employees, click on continue and an OTP will be triggered for making the payment as shown below.

keka icici 13

Here you can also verify the balance in your account and the amount that is being disbursed during the current transaction

  • After OTP authentication the transaction will be initiated, where
    • In case of Approval Workflow enabled, you are required to login into the ICICI portal to approve the payment request to initiate the transaction and
    • In case the Approval workflow is not enabled then the transaction will be initiated in the instant.

keka icici 14

  • Post-approval of the payment initiation from the ICICI bank CIB portal, the payment will be completed, and the status will be Partially Paid in case of completion of payment only for a part of the batch and it will be Paid in case all the employees in the batch are paid.

keka icici 15

Partially Paid:

keka icici 16


keka icici 17

  • After the transaction is initiated, the detailed status of the transaction and the history of previous transactions can be accessed from the “Transaction History” page under the payment batches.

keka icici 18

How to disconnect the ICICI bank account from Keka?

  • To disconnect your ICICI bank account from Keka, you can navigate to either of the below places and click on “Disconnect”
    • Org >> Org Structure >> Legal Entities >> Edit Bank Account
    • Payroll >> Run Payroll >> Manage Payments >> Payment Batch

Other Important Points to be Noted:

  • In case the registration is expired or in case the account is deregistered, Keka will ask to register again while trying to Make Payment
  • If the user credentials with whose account, the registration was done are expired then in case of raising a registration request using those will show an error as shown below.

keka icici 19


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