Java Software Engineer Interview Questions

Java is a well-known programming language among developers. Its syntax is easier, and it is supported by all available operating systems, making it a viable option. With such fierce competition, companies are very specific about what they want in a professional for a Java software engineer role.

Here are few questions that will help you identify the right candidate for Java Software Engineer:

  • Why is the Java platform independent? Explain public static void main (String args[]). 
  • Why isn’t Java fully object-oriented? 
  • In Java, what are wrapper classes? 
  • What exactly are constructors in Java? 
  • What is a singleton class in Java, and how do we make one? 
  • What is the distinction between an array list and a vector in Java? 
  • In Java, what is the distinction between equals() and ==? 
  • What are the distinctions between Heap Memory and Stack Memory in Java? 
  • What distinguishes the preemptive threading model from the cooperative threading model? 
  • What tools and activities do you believe are needed for a Continuous Delivery solution? 
  • What is the relationship between Java SE and Java EE? 
  • What distinguishes Runtime exceptions from Checked exceptions? 
  • Async support was added in Servlets 3.0. Create a use case with it. 
  • Why do you think lambda expressions are such a huge deal in Java 8? 
  • What are the most significant features implemented in Java 5, 7, and 8? 
  • Select a Java EE platform API and include a brief overview of it.