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Importance of Employee Pulse Surveys

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Employee engagement is a neglected element in most organizations and that’s why Pulse Surveys are the need of the hour. Think of the below question.

“How are you?”  

How many times have you put forward this question in front of an employee and got vague replies only to see that employee disengaged at work later on?  

We have seen it plenty of times in our organization. Employees are scared of talking about problems at work and for the management, it’s not easy to go and make a note of how everyone is doing at work.  

“Treating people well is how you win in business.”  

To get a sense of the situation or current well-being of their employees, most leaders look for a poll or survey. 

Mostly, that doesn’t work. Why?  

Because regular polls:  

  • Are long.  
  • Happen months after an issue occurs.  
  • Aren’t anonymous so employees don’t give honest feedback.  

Pulse is like a regular checkup with your doctor and not like a full checkup like a survey.

Add to it that only 13% of total fortune 500 companies have an active employee engagement setup, so that’s a huge challenge in this space that needs to be solved.   

Pulse surveys are taking the check-in game to a whole new level. A smart pulse survey gives an instant view of employee happiness & engagement level. 

Let’s get going. 

What is an employee pulse survey? 

We want to conduct regular check-ins on employees but lack of time makes it difficult to do so. An employee engagement pulse survey is a short and quick survey that helps organizations understand the well-being of employees and eventually improve the culture. 

It’s like a check-in to test employee satisfaction at a particular point in time and gives you data points in terms of current trends among the workforce. The surveys are not more than 5-10 questions normally, making them quick and easy to answer. Usually, they’re kept anonymous so employees can be honest when answering these questions. 

Here how pulse surveys help: 

  • Every employee has different sentiments and feelings. To figure out if they are happy or frustrated, you need to continuously listen. Now, you can’t physically go to every person and ask them about their well-being. But engagement surveys can help you accomplish this at the click of a button. 
  • Pulse analyzes and gives a quantitative view of the current set of problems the employees are facing.  
  • Measurable feedback gives you a picture of team development opportunities. You can use this data to engage and retain your employees. 
  • Anonymous feedback allows people to provide honest responses. Most importantly no one has to worry about how the management will respond to their answers. 

The best part is that pulse surveys are not like regular polls. Let’s check out the difference between pulse and polls. 

Difference between pulse and polls/regular surveys 

surveys comparison

Pulse help in improving transparency starting from the micro-level. 

Why do we need pulse surveys? 

We need them because people are hesitant. 

Yes, you read it right. employees are scared of talking about problems at the workplace. Everyone is so busy running behind numbers, revenues, etc., that employee well-being has taken a back seat. There is a strong feeling that there is no time to discuss individual or small group issues regularly because apparently everyone needs to handle it themselves. Some employees do want to talk and give feedback but no one is there to listen to that feedback. 

Top management also doesn’t have the time and luxury to attend to every individual physically. That’s why technology is here to solve this problem for modern organizations. 

Short, and effective pulse surveys are the need of the hour. No wonder they’re being adopted quickly by all those who care. 

Importance of staff pulse surveys in employee engagement 

It’s easy to see that when employee engagement is working, employees feel passionate and committed to their job and the workplace.  

However, please don’t confuse engagement with satisfaction. Some people only work for a paycheck and that works for them. The rest are looking for far greater things when they come to work every day. Things like work-life balance, good colleagues, great work, and much more. When employees don’t get these things, they lose motivation, engage less and their performance drops as well. 

The organizations that wait for this process of low engagement face disastrous situations from thereon. After all, it’s the people that drive forward a place and if they aren’t doing good, nothing will work. 

Therefore, employee engagement is a proactive process rather than a reactive one. Constantly talk to employees, check what they need, the problems they have, and then go ahead and do something about all of it. 

Now, you can’t do it all on your own. No one can. That’s why pulse surveys will be the helping hand when it comes to engaging employees effectively. Short, direct, and anonymous pulse brings the honest responses out of employees and you will have the data that you need to solve issues and drive positivity in the organization.  

To summarize… 

Checking employee pulse is a necessity to save the progress of the organization from being halted due to disengaged employees. At Keka, employee well-being is at the heart of what we do. That’s why every feature that we built caters to solving problems for real people out there. Pulse surveys are a solid block in the building called ’employee engagement’ and this feature is here to win everyone’s heart and satisfaction.

Check out more about how pulse surveys will help management understand their employees better in this featured blog. 

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