5 HR Trends transforming the workforce in 2016

5 HR Trends transforming the workforce in 2016

With The Raise Of Technology And New Innovations Popping Out Every Day, human resource management has been revolutionizing year after year. Here are the 5 trends that may transform the workforce in 2016 and in 2017.

1. Virtual Interviews

Employers are leveraging the power of online tools such as google hangouts and skype to interact with the candidates to minimize the applicant’s time and also the expenses of the organization in the recruitment process.

Many leading companies in India are using this process for interacting with the prospective employee and are relying mostly on social media for finding new talent. This could also help them evaluate the candidate’s various characteristics which could otherwise go unnoticed.

2. Complete HRIS

Tools like HRIS and HRMS are changing the way HR managers manage their workforce in 2016. With the help of cloud-based HR software like Keka, which is integrated with time tracking, attendance, and leave management system along with the payroll software, organizations can drastically improve their productivity and save lots of time and money.

HRIS software also aids in improving the employee experience. It helps to collaborate with other employees and keep track of their work and time with just a click away.  It completely reduces the errors in managing data which could otherwise occur.

3. Employee Engagement As Top Priority

Employee engagement has been the latest buzz in HR world from the past one or two years. Statistics have proved that companies with engaged employees outperform the companies which are not engaged.

In a survey conducted by Deloitte, 87% of the organizations believe culture and engagement to be some of their top challenges in 2016 and 50 percent of them believe that it is an important issue. Companies have become more transparent than ever by the virtue of websites like glassdoor. This transparency is pushing organizational culture and employee engagement into the spotlight.

However, the employer should not confuse employee satisfaction with employee engagement. Employee satisfaction only indicates how content your employees are, it does indicate how involved and motivated your employees are with the business goals.

4. Big Data Analysis

The biggest HR trend globally in 2016 would be implementing predictive data analysis. Big data has the potential to improve every aspect of the business if the companies are willing to put time and effort to evaluate it.

5. Workplace Flexibility

In a recent survey by cisco, it is revealed that workers value flexibility more than anything else.  Corporate leaders and companies understand that talent is the single most important factor in the company’s success. The best way to attract and retain talent is to be flexible and collaborative with work hours and location.

Studies also show that companies which provide flexible work hours have less employee absenteeism and higher levels of engagement and productivity.

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