HRs as Change Agents, 2023

A new avenue for organizational growth

Traditional modes of managing people are not enough to turn the new reality that has emerged after covid-19 pandemic into an avenue of growth.

HR professionals in the form of catalysts is the need of the hour. Not just as change managers, but as agents of change.

As reliable partners, HR catalysts remain unflappable even amid disruptions and are the bulwarks of organizational strength. Their resilience is now helping redefine business success. No more is it only about profits. Sustainable progress, fused with stellar customer and employee experience, is setting companies apart and onward.

The ‘HRs as Change Agents, 2023’ report draws on the responses of 1,969 survey respondents from different industries and countries, with 80% of them being active HR professionals. It dwells on the challenges, technological disruptions and business contexts that form the ecosystem for HRs to be change agents.

What you get inside

  • Quantitative and qualitative survey responses in the form of graphs, charts and quotations with spotlight on current challenges and future priorities
  • Replicable best practices by HR leaders along 10 topics around three themes – ‘Technology’, ‘Strategic HR’ and ‘Workplace’
  • Special focus on the well-being of HR professionals with models curated to help destress individuals
  • Well-being compass to identify spheres of well-being requiring urgent attention
  • Fresh approaches to creating psychological safety at the workplace and engagement to grow business
  • Path to align people analytics with business goals
  • A step-by-step model to implement artificial intelligence in workforce management

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