HR Maturity Model 

How efficient is your HR department?

Take a quick 10 min assessment now. 

Behind every successful company is one common element – Its People.

HR department is the driving force of your org’s growth.

How efficient is your HR department?

Take a quick 10 min assessment now. 

What is a HR Maturity Model? 

The HR Maturity Model is a tool that can assess and benchmark internal HR Processes of an org.

The Chaotic Stage

Undefined processes, manual administration, limited resources, and audit errors leading to time waste, hidden costs, and compliance issues.  

The Reactive Stage

Defined processes but inadequate HR resources, less technological reliance, and compliance risks leading to inaccurate data, metrics, and additional charges. 

The Limited Stage

Few automated HR processes, scattered across multiple platforms, can lead to suboptimal employee experience. 

The Scaling Stage

Automated HR processes using a single platform, but facing challenges in scaling, identifying process gaps, and deploying policies. 

The Mastery Stage

A single, highly efficient platform managing all HR operations, utilizing predictive analytics for decision-making, with HR leaders playing a pivotal role in final business decisions. 

Level up to HR Mastery Stage

with Keka HRMS

How will this Model help? 

The HR Maturity Model will help your organization by:

Align your HR processes with the org’s vision, mission, and purpose.

Identify gaps in HR operations, initiatives, and overall efficiency.

Foster a positive, collaborative, and productive workplace.

Enhance your company’s reputation by improving employee experience.

Cultivate a culture of innovation backed by continuous learning and development.

How will this Model help? 

What does   Keka Offer? 

At Keka, we empower businesses, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, to overcome their daily HR challenges. From onboarding to exit, we oversee the entire employee lifecycle, enabling you to scale new heights while maintaining a positive culture, high employee engagement, while retaining your top performers.

HR Maturity Model Assessment

Let’s test the maturity of your HR operations!

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