HR Generalist Interview Questions

A Human Resources Generalist is someone who can manage employee recruitment and training while still balancing values suit. Inquire about their level of expertise and knowledge, and then compare their answers to the necessary qualifications. A good HR Generalist is also very professional and good with people. Look for someone who can blend in well with the business culture and who will engage employees. 

Here are some great questions to ask when recruiting a Human Resources Generalist: 

  • Do you have any previous experience with recruitment and hiring? Please provide more background on this. 
  • How can you explain our business culture based on what you already know about us? 
  • What exactly is employee engagement? 
  • This position entails certain administrative duties. We need someone who is very organized and pays close attention to detail. Given this information, why do you think you’d be a perfect fit? 
  • Do you have some prior experience conducting seminars or giving presentations? 
  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned about your profession so far? 
  • Have you ever created an employee handbook? Please elaborate further. 
  • What do you like most about jobs in human resources? 
  • Do you have some prior experience performing performance appraisals? 
  • What do you believe would be your most significant challenge in this role? 
  • What type of guidance and supervision are you looking for? 
  • Can you think of at least two things that will boost employee morale? 
  • What is the effect of professional bias on recruitment? What are some options for lowering it? 

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