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Once a year, different HR conferences are held in various parts of India, and they are focused on creating an intimate platform for HR executives to collaborate and connect with each other. These events serve as a platform for these innovative business professionals and workforce analytics to liaise and create a brilliant business plan that will deal with different complex issues that plague organizations on different levels.

The aim of this piece is to highlight the top HR events that should be included in every HR executive’s or experts’ calendar every year .

1. People Matters- Tech HR

Organized and hosted by People Matters- one of India’s best HR magazines, TechHR is one of the leading HR events in India. They offer initiatives like virtual conferences, Talent Tech Evolve 2018, etc. amongst others and are constantly evolving as a mammoth marketplace for the connection and collaboration of all HR leaders globally.
People Matters’ TechHR conference and exhibition bring together the best businesses, HR leaders and their products, service experts, HR technology partners and startups from around the world. It provides the perfect opportunity for these entities to network with over 3000 delegates and thus, explore the different contemporary, ultra-modern trends and solutions in the industry.
Upcoming Event – > 2nd and 3rd August 2018
Organised by – > People Matters
Frontier – > Ester Martinez
Venue -> The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon


Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference is one of the best platforms for the professional development of HR executives all over the world. SHRM is a professional society that represents over 280,000 members in more than 160 countries. This society has been the leading provider of a vast array of resources which are focused on serving the diverse needs of HR professionals and developing the global practice of human resource management.

Upcoming Event – > 26th and 27th April 2018
Organised by – > Society Of Human Resource Management
Venue -> Hyderabad


The Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Conclave is a huge annual event hosted by Sourcing ADDA which is a top community focused on talent acquisition and sourcing professionals. These conferences focus on highlighting and discussing latest trends and fresh strategies for Talent sourcing and recruitment practices. It also creates a platform for professionals in the industry to liaise and work with leaders and like-minded individuals.

Last Event – > 28th Jun 2017
Organised By – > Times ascent and Sourcing ADDA
Venue – >Pune

4. Nasscom HR Summit

Hosted yearly by Nasscom , Nasscom HR summit is an event focused on creating, developing and implementing different strategies that will expand India’s role in global IT by creating a conducive business environment for employees and managers. Getting rid of departmental bureaucracy at all levels of business, encouraging intellectual capabilities and feeding the talent pool for greater productivity all year round. Each year, a large number of delegates and speakers are invited to tackle the various developments in the workforce and devise strategies that will be aimed at fixing the cracks. This event has a high attendance rate each year and is highly sought after.
Upcoming Event – > 26th and 27th July 2018.
Organised by – > Nasscom
Venue -> ITC Grand Chola Chennai

5. National HRD Conferences 

Annual conferences are organized each year by the National HRD Network and are largely attended by management professionals in public and private sectors of business, students, self-employed individuals, etc. Each of these conferences has a theme and is addressed by well-read and respected industry leaders and academic professionals in India and all around the globe.
Upcoming Event – > 08th Feburary 2018
Organised By -> NHRD Network
Venue -> Mumbai

6. Hindustan Times Shine HR Conclave

The Hindustan Times HR Conclave is an equally leading event mainly focused on employee productivity and the different, dynamic factors that affect it. This event also tackles the different reasons why some leaders fail while others succeed and relate it to employee management and satisfaction. This event is hosted by which is the fastest and most innovative online job portal in India. It happens yearly and great, highly experienced experts in different fields are brought to tackle certain issues affecting successful leadership and employee productivity in the workplace.
Last Event – > Dec 20 2017
Organised by – > Shinehr
Venue -> Hyatt Regency Mumbai

7. World HR Summit Goa

The annual World HR summit goa is a huge gathering of HR professionals and CEOs of different companies. This conference is usually aimed at creating and implementing different plans on how to actualize our goals and visions of the year, business-wise. It is mainly for HR executives who want to develop their companies and for those who want to develop themselves for better productivity in the organization culture. The conference sheds light on upcoming challenges in the workplace such as finding the right staff, increased competition and selection, effective resource management, etc. all aimed at helping employees and managers face the competitive business world.
Upcoming Event -> 19th and 20th April 2018
Organised by -> Traicon
Venue – > Goa

8. CII

CII which means the Confederation of Indian Industry organizes annual conferences or seminars which are focused on the creation and sustenance of a conducive environment for the growth of Indian industries and its partners and Governments through different consultative and advisory processes. It is a non-profit platform that is playing a major role in the overall growth of the Indian industry.

Upcoming Events ->
Organised By -> Confederation of Indian Industry


The Institute of HRD which is a member of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations hosts an annual conference centred on value creations and other themes. The conference hosts human resources personnel from India and other parts of the world and has a high number of attendees each year.
Upcoming Events -> 25th and 26th May 2018
Organised by -> Institute of HRD
Venue -> Ramada Powai Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai.

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