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How to Attract Purpose-driven Talent

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Traditionally, Organizations Were Said To Be Of Two Types – Profit-Driven Or Purpose-Driven. This Is A Belief Does Not Hold Anymore.

Today, a company can be purpose-driven and profit-driven at the same time. A purpose-driven company is a socially conscious organization that has a broader purpose beyond the annual turnover of the organization.

Such companies focus on creating a social impact and yet make profits. A purpose-driven company is more likely to have more motivated and engaged employees, more loyal and satisfied customers, better business outcomes as mentioned in Forbes.

These purpose-driven organizations have an urge to attract talent who align with the organization’s goal, respect its value, and stand by its mission.

Hence, it becomes important for recruiters to tailor their recruitment strategies to help them attract the best purpose-driven talent, especially for senior roles. If you’re working on a similar recruitment requirement, here are some pointers to help you get started.

Strategize To Attract Purpose-Driven Talent

Start with asking these questions to yourself

  1. How are you going to ensure that the unique culture that your organization maintains, is not going to get diluted as the organization grows?
  2. How do you ensure that the entire leadership team in your organization drives the purpose-driven approach without making any alterations to the existing profitable business model?
  3. How do you help the organization to grow without shifting your focus from the purpose-driven approach?

Once you have these answers, work around it to build your strategy.

5 Actionable Tips To Attract Purpose-Driven Talent

Let Your Employees Speak

Since you already have a purpose-driven workforce in place, let them be your biggest supporters. Encourage them to speak about how they live the purpose, their joys, and the excitement of coming to work daily along with other perks and incentives that the organization offers.

Talk About The “Why”

Every organization speaks about their incentives, flexible work policies, work-life balance, etc. Why do you think an employee will agree to work for you? What is your differentiator? Given them that extra information and lead by example the diverse work culture that you thrive upon.

Talk about employee success stories, organization success stories, the company’s stands on various issues that show you are a purpose-driven organization rather by saying it out.

Explain The Role

A candidate will do his due diligence before attending an interview. Use the time to give out crucial information that the candidate wouldn’t know otherwise. Talk about the role, criticality of the role, and what is expected out of the role. Talk about how the role is going to impact the purpose-driven approach of the organization.

Talk About Your Core Values

A prospective candidate might not know your organization’s values and how each employee reflects the same in their respective roles. Give a simulation activity to see how the employee behaves in a certain condition and if it gels with your purpose-driven approach.

All these tips will help you to hire better. And when you hire the right purpose-driven candidate, they become your company’s biggest assets. Because as Scott Parish and Aaron Hurst mentioned in their webinar, “ purpose-driven professionals have a leg up on their peers when it comes to leadership ability, performance, and tenure.” And over the years they become inseparable critical assets for your company.

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