How to Assess New Hires

Asses new hires

“My CEO Is Constantly Asking Me To Fill Our Open Job Role As They Are Critical For Our Organization’s Strategic Operations, But I’m Still Not Able To Find The Right Candidate,”

This is not an isolated case. The scene is similar in other organizations too. It’s not just the lack of technical skill, but more about the candidate’s attitude and behavior to fit in the office environment and culture.

It is not uncommon to see employees leaving an organization because of environmental misfit which affects the bottom-line of a company. Here are some tips on how to assess new hires.

Attract The Right Candidate

Gallup says, to begin with, a company needs to attract the right talent. This can be done by creating and communicating your brand story and employee value proposition to attract the right talent that understands and fits with your organizational culture.

As a hiring manager of your organization, it is important that you know your organization’s culture well and takes the new hire on a cultural journey so that both of you can assess and understand if the candidate would be a good fit.

Leverage Predictive Analysis For Efficient Hiring

No matter which role you are recruiting a candidate for, a data-driven recruitment approach is the best way to find the right talent. Leverage predictive analytics to make your hiring process quick, consistent, and efficient.

Find Candidates Who Are Committed

Gartner says “By surfacing signals of candidate commitment, HR more easily separates job surfers from committed candidates.”

Talent acquisition costs are soaring high and hence it is imperative for HR managers to find out candidates who are committed and not just job surfers. For example, for its high-volume roles, hotel giant Hilton has introduced a complete automated screening process that filters out passive candidates from seriously committed candidates.

Healthcare multinational company Roche uses a complex business challenge while hiring it’s mid-level management candidates to identify only the serious candidates.

Check For Social Media Presence

You don’t need to become a “stalker” but it is a good idea to check out the candidate’s social media presence especially in professional networking sites.

A candidate with an active and honest presence on social media helps you evaluate their networking and communication skills. An established social media presence certainly gives you an insight about your candidate.

Take A Pre-Hiring Assessment Test

One of the key aspects of your hiring is to assess the technical skills of the candidate. A pre-hiring assessment test gives you a good understanding of the candidate’s domain knowledge, communication, and soft skills.

Depending on the role and the business requirement, an assessment test can take many forms – a writing test, designing the test, a coding test, and so on.

Conduct A “Test-Drive” In An Actual Business Scenario

If you expect your candidate to take up responsibilities from day one of their joining, let the candidate get into action in real-time. For example, Starbucks ask their new hires to perform a “virtual job” to evaluate the readiness of their potential employees.

Look Beyond What You See

As a recruiter or a hiring manager, your job is not just limited to reading the resume or asking a specific set of predetermined questions, but to scratch beneath the surface. Read signs like the choice of words, body language, eagerness for the job, eye contact, attitude, shaking hands, email communications, etc.

Everything plays an important role in the assessment of the new hire. Being mindful of these signs can help you choose the best candidate for your organization.

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