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Head of Human Resource (HR) Operations Job Description Template

The Head of Human Resources (HR) Operations is instrumental in leading and coordinating the entire Human Resources division. Their primary objective is to provide strategic direction and effective administration of HR processes to ensure their smooth execution. In addition to supervising routine HR responsibilities, this position is essential for developing novel strategies to enhance and optimize HR operations, thereby fostering organizational development.

Head of HR Operations Job Brief

We are looking for an ideal candidate to lead and manage our human resources department. The candidate should have at least 8-10 years of experience in HR leadership and management.

They should understand HR operations work and be able to oversee HR processes to make sure they are done correctly, and efficiently. In this role, they will work with other managers and employees to ensure the company follows all relevant laws and regulations. The ideal candidate should be a good communicator, work well with others, be creative, detail-oriented, and work well under pressure.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the day-to-day work of the HR department.
  • Develop plans to improve HR processes in the company.
  • Lead and support the HR team.
  • Ensure the company follows all relevant HR laws.
  • Help with hiring new employees and getting them settled into the company.
  • Solve problems and ensure employee satisfaction at work.
  • Answer questions and help employees and managers with HR issues.
  • Keep HR records and information confidential.
  • Work with other managers to ensure HR aligns with the company’s goals.
  • Improve HR processes to make them more effective and efficient.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Experience in leading and managing HR.
  • The ability to solve problems and handle conflicts.
  • Creative thinking and the ability to develop new ideas to solve HR challenges.
  • Attention to detail, especially when keeping HR records.
  • The ability to lead and manage a team.
  • A good understanding of HR laws and regulations.
  • The ability to handle a fast-paced and busy work environment.
  • Good time-management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • A college or advanced degree in HR, business, or a related field.
  • A professional HR certification is a plus but not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Head of HR Operations support employee relations?

The Head of HR Operations helps employees and managers with HR-related issues, listens to employee complaints, solves conflicts at work, and creates programs that improve employee relations, such as recognition and engagement programs.

2. What role does the Head of HR Operations play in performance management?

The Head of HR Operations oversees how well employees are doing at work. They do this by planning and evaluating performance, setting standards with managers, helping employees and managers with performance questions, and ensuring the process is fair and follows rules.

3. What contribution does the Head of HR Operations make to talent acquisition and recruitment?

The Head of HR Operations plays a crucial role in the acquisition and recruitment of talent. They collaborate closely with hiring managers to comprehend the organization’s personnel requirements, devise effective recruitment strategies, and ensure an efficient hiring process.

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