Sabbatical Leave

What is sabbatical leave?

Sabbatical leave is a break that an employee takes to pursue personal or professional goals.

Sabbaticals are a form of extended leave. Employees usually opt for sabbatical leave for personal development, health issues or to enhance existing professional capabilities.

This break from regular work helps them return with renewed energy and expertise. Or, if any health or related issues concerning a family member.

Organizations promote sabbaticals to promote a positive workplace culture of continuous learning and well-being. Report states that people who take a sabbatical experience significant, positive changes in their work and personal lives.

Why do Employees Take Sabbatical Leave?

Sabbaticals are a win-win for organizations and employees alike.

Infact, sabbatical policies exemplify the organization’s commitment to employee development and well-being. Some reasons why employees take sabbaticals are;

1. For professional growth:

Sabbatical leave is often given to employees who want to pursue advanced research, professional courses, or independent projects that align with the organization’s strategic goals. This aims to develop specialized skills and bring fresh perspectives to the role, making their work more impactful.

2. Burnout prevention:

According to the SHRM report, burnout is one of the primary factors behind high job turnover.

Sabbaticals allow employees who are experiencing mental, physical and emotional burnout to take a break from such events. As a result, employees return with increased focus and motivation, fostering a more positive and productive work environment.

3. Reskill and Upskill:

Some employees constantly seek greater exposure to industry trends and developments through dedicated learning phrases.

Sabbatical leaves play a crucial role in ensuring their skillset remains relevant and valuable to the organization, contributing to a more adaptable and future-proof workforce.


1. How many times can you take sabbatical leave?

There’s no set limit on how often an employee can take a sabbatical. It depends on the organization and its culture.

2. Can I resign during sabbatical leave?

You can resign while on sabbatical unless your contract stipulates otherwise.

3. Can I take a sabbatical leave after maternity?

You can, but again, it varies from organization to organization.

4. What is the procedure for sabbatical leaves in India?

Taking a sabbatical leave is processed in the same way as any other type of leave. The worker must give their company plenty of notice when requesting sabbatical leave. The request should specify the reason for the leave, its length, and the employee’s intended use of the time off.


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