Restricted Holiday

What is a Restricted Holiday?

A Restricted Holiday is an optional holiday that employees can decide if they want to take or not. It is a type of paid leave and is not mandatory. There is a maximum limit to how many restricted holidays an employee can avail of in a financial year.

In some companies, it is called RH leave and the organization decides how many such leaves their employees can take. For example, in India, Raksha Bandhan and Makar Sankranti or Onam may be restricted holidays. These holidays usually uphold cultural diversity in the workplace.

Employers typically announce restricted holidays at the start of the year. The number and dates of these holidays can vary based on the employer’s policy and the regulations of the state or country.

Who is Eligible for Restricted Holidays?

All Government servants or employees are eligible for availing of restricted holidays. In India, it is not mandatory for private companies to provide RH leaves to their employees.

It is recommended for employees to seek approval for leave unless it arises unexpectedly and is entirely unforeseen.

Are Restricted Holidays Paid Leave?

Yes, restricted holidays are paid leaves from the company’s side. Apart from public holidays, employees are entitled to paid time off during the festivals specific to the state in which they are employed.

How many restricted holidays can an employee take in a year?

An employee can take a maximum of two Restricted Holidays (RH) in a given calendar year, choosing from the list of RHs provided by the Government or the respective organization.

However, for private organizations, the number of RHs an employee can take or not take can be different and is mentioned in the company leave policy documents.

Can restricted holidays be carried forward to next year?

It depends on the policies and rules of a company if they allow restricted holidays to be carried forward to the next year. Sometimes, employees can carry over their restricted holidays to the following year, while in other instances, these holidays must be utilized within a designated time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the rules for restricted holidays?

Here are the 3 main rules for restricted holidays:

  1. They are optional.
  2. Companies can opt out of them.
  3. Employees can take only a limited number of RHs.

2. What is the difference between a restricted holiday and a gazetted holiday?

Restricted holidays are voluntary, allowing employees the flexibility to take them at any time during the year. In contrast, gazetted holidays are obligatory and recognized by the government. and must be observed.

3. Do businesses and government offices operate as usual on restricted holidays?

Yes, businesses and government offices operate as usual on restricted holidays. Businesses need not close offices or stop working during these holidays as only a limited number of employees avail the leave.

4. Do restricted holidays vary by region or religion?

Yes, restricted holidays can vary by region and religion practiced in the specific regions. It permits individuals or employees to decide whether to observe it depending on their personal or religious preferences.

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