Reasonable Person Standard

A reasonable person standard is a legal concept where the law decides whether the behavior of the involved in an accident or an illegal space is correct or not. A general caring attitude is expected of anyone in an accident spot or murder area. 

How do courts determine Reasonableness?

Judges have the authority to make assessments and take decisions on the reasonableness of the behavior in question and see whether the subjective party has done a reasonable job to save the scenario or not. Facts such as asking the person to slow down his bike if the concerned could hear them or taking them to the hospital once they noticed a situation like that could decide whether a person has a good attitude. 

Exceptions to the Reasonable Person Standard

  • Mental Disability
  • Children
  • Physical Disability
  • Superior Skill and Knowledge
  • Subtle Subjectivity


How to look up a reasonable person in a negligence case?

In a situation where any other person would have ignored the case and moved away, in such cases, the party is considered to be a reasonable person. For example, suppose Four murderers are killing a person. In that case, It is better to move from such a place rather than consider helping the victim. 

What are the elements of negligence? 

  • The defendant must owe a duty of care 
  • The defendant must have breached the duty of care
  • The breach must have caused injuries 
  • Injuries must have resulted in damages

Who decides the reasonable person standard?

The jury reviews the facts, compares them to a reasonable person’s standard, and decides.

Are children held to the objective standard? 

No! Kids are generally helped to a comparable standard of age and experience. It’s also because children can’t differentiate between their reactions’ actions and consequences.

My kids engage in adult activities. Will they be considered an adult? 

Yes! The court may consider your child an adult if they are involved in high-impact sports or something similarly dangerous.

What do I do if I get stuck in such situations? 

Approach a reasonable attorney who has worked on a similar case and help you get out of it. 

What is considered to be a reasonable person? 

A reasonable person is an individual who takes action with an honest approach while being cautious and sensing danger. It is a standard the court gives to check whether the person’s negligence caused the situation to worsen.

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