An ombudsman is a government-appointed agent who reviews reports against companies, financial firms, universities, government agencies, or other public bodies and seeks to settle disputes or issues posed, either by mediation or through making recommendations.

Types of Ombudsman

  • Industry Ombudsman

Consumer concerns of unequal discrimination by a business operating within the sector may be handled by an industry ombudsman, such as a telephone or insurance ombudsman.

  • Organizational Ombudsman

An ombudsman within an organization has the primary responsibility for dealing with internal problems, such as staff complaints or, in the case of a school, student complaints.

  • Advocate Ombudsman

An advocate ombudsman, as the name implies, represents those who have lodged complaints or those who are the subject of the grievances.

  • Media Ombudsman

Media ombudsmen investigate and respond to allegations in collaboration with journalists, editors, and other media practitioners. They also post their answers to a wider public to encourage transparency in operations.

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